Fame is just a game-a one direction fanfic

Brooke is the sister to Liam and he is in a big shot boy band
Brooke meets all his friends will she fall in love
Will she loose her brother to fame or will the horrible figure from
Her past come back to get her


2. My birthday

It had been a week since liam had left but it was my 18th party today and he was coming as a day off and bringing the boys aswell, it was ok.
i was in my room with a few friends , lauren,and jamie-leigh, when there was a knock on the door, i ran downstairs with the girls following me.  I saw liam screamed and jumped into one of his big hugs, "LILI!!!!!!!! your here!!!!"i screamed, "i would not miss this for the wrold your my baby sister and your now a big girl," i screamed and hugged him again. "Hey guys!" i said hugging each one of them. everyone said happy birthday and they took there over night bags to the room they was in, i was going out drinking tonight and so i was getting ready with the girls.

that is what i wore and thats what i look like, we all got ready and went downstairs, "Wow you look amazing brooke, liam your sister is beautiful," i heard a muffled voice say, "harry ssshhhhh!" i heard liam say, after that it was about 7pm we went to nandos and the clubbing my bithday could not get any better!

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