Fame is just a game-a one direction fanfic

Brooke is the sister to Liam and he is in a big shot boy band
Brooke meets all his friends will she fall in love
Will she loose her brother to fame or will the horrible figure from
Her past come back to get her


6. LILI!!

So i woke up still wrapped in harry's arms, he was still asleep so i got up trying not to wake him and i went for a shower. When i was done i realised i had forget clothes so i walked into my room hoping he was still asleep, but nope EVERYONE was in there, "Oh hey guys just need some clothes," i laughed and walked into my walk in wardrobe closing the door and getting changed, it was more a dressing room than a wardrobe I Walked out in some hot pants and a big baggy top like i always wear when i dont plan on going out. I saw louis and lauren kissing and wolf whistled and saaid " when did this happen, loz hes like your all time favourite and omg," she just laughed and didnt answer so i went and sat on my bed with harry, and held his hand, liam looked atme and coughed, i just gave him a little sister smile and said "I love you LILI!!" He stood and said "BEE you have 5 seconds to run," so i got up and ran and he chased after me he did thiseverytime i got a bpyfriend cause he wanted to know details. He fianlly caught me and said, "BeeBee how did this happen," he said trying to sound sturn, "urm i dont know but i really like him liam and i have since i met him and him been in a bad with you well." He justed nodded and hugged me i knew he was happy for me so we went back upstairs hand in hand, EVeryone new what had happend. I went and sat with harry on my bed and we all started play truth or dare. it was so much fun and we found out alot of truths aand did alot of dares. one of my dares was 'Run down the drive in my hot pants and bra saying ive gone phsyco' like a loony i did it. it was soo funny but at 1 we all just went downstairs and part from me and harry. "Brooke wann go out, like now to lunch then the beach carnival and after if we get hungry we can go out for food again??" harry asked

"AAWWW harry i would love to, come on get changed," and right there he just stripped to his boxers he was afraid so i went and got some jeans on and a mickey and minnie mouse top, and i got changed and he was still in his boxers looking in his bag, "Harry your killing me put some clothes on" I said fromm behind him,
"Oh you like this him get used to it you can see it more" we both laughed and he put some chinos on and a nice top, and we headed for his car.

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