Fame is just a game-a one direction fanfic

Brooke is the sister to Liam and he is in a big shot boy band
Brooke meets all his friends will she fall in love
Will she loose her brother to fame or will the horrible figure from
Her past come back to get her


4. Just a mess about

Well harry decided to dance with me fist and we danced to forget you and he was quite good but i was better so, i danced all the boys and won them all, "Oh yeah should have said brookes the best at this game, she is a dancer and gymnast so." liam said smirking knowing the boys would hit him. After we all just danced for ages we decided on a film and it was paranormal activity 4 "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" i screamed as i ran off to my room liam chasing me, "B down there know with quilts," i obeyed and went downstairs and the only spare seat was next to harry so i sat there and covered myself and him up. I hate horrors so most of the film i spent hiding in his chest. I fell asleep on his lap and everyone took photos and laughed at me, i heard and woke up and thought oh shit, just then my phone rung it was mum, i spoke to her and she told she wasnt going to be home till around dinner tomorrow and know was already 6pm. "PIZZA ANYONE" i shputed they all nodded and i rang up and the pizza was here in half an hour, we ate and didnt know what to do, so i went upstairs and text dani, lauren and jamie, saying  "Be here for half 7 need saviour from boys teehee come sleep." they all replied back and were here by half 7 like i said, "hey guys<2 they all sad, we went up to my room and the harry came in "can i speak to brooke in private please" he asked quietly the girls nodded and walked out, "Hey urm the boys want to share a room with the girls, louis wants to stay with lauren, niall with jamie and liam with dani and zayn is going to perries at half 8 so i wondered if i can stay with you tonight instead of been a loner," he was so cute and just wow, "Cause you can will you explain to the girls zand stuff, im staying up here though so just come up whenever," he nodded and went downstairs, i changed my top and shorts to sleep in. And then i went downstairs to say night, and gave everyone a hug and went to bed,  but watched films on my laptop. Then there was a knock at my door, "Come in," i shouted and harry walked in topless in his sweats, "Hey can i join you" i nodded and made room for him in my bed, and unplugged the earphones so he could watch the film as well.


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