Fame is just a game-a one direction fanfic

Brooke is the sister to Liam and he is in a big shot boy band
Brooke meets all his friends will she fall in love
Will she loose her brother to fame or will the horrible figure from
Her past come back to get her


5. Harry

"So what we watching" he said smiling showing his little dimples, "urm anything this has just finished," i saiad shyly,
"AAWWW you so cute brooke" he said again showing them beautiful dimples, "Thanks haz your cute aswell especially with them dimples," i said the both of us blushing, i put "Ted" on and we watched the for a while untill we both got tired, "Harry im tired, you can put the earphones in and still watch if you want," he shook his head and shut the laptop down, "im tired anyway so," we turned the light off but i had a little lap on the other side of the room that none of us could be bothered to get up and turn off so we just left it, it wasnt very bright anyway. We laid down and he put his arms around me and we cuddled i looked up at him and he just smiled i smiled back, i knew what was going to happen,are faces were getting closer and closer then BAM<we was kissing, oh god, "Brooke i ave liked you since i first met you but with liam been your brother ive tried putting my feelings aside but i cant anymore i think im in love with you, please will you be mine,?" he asked blushing
"oh harry i, i would love to, i really like you and liam wont mind, anyway im tired so night haarry,"i smiled
"night beautiful" we said that and fell asleep with me in his arms, hands intwinded.

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