I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


13. The end

ok I decided to continue but can the haters please just keep there opinions to there self? remember the saying if u don't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all ;)



 Mackenzie wakes you up  

''Susan were here''! she says screaming in my ear

''OK! OK! im awake! my gosh lol''

u and her find a hotel.

ok let's unpack! I say unzipping my luggage

*later that after noon*

''Mackenzie come on!! were gonna be late if u don't hurry!'' I say grabbing my bag and looking back at while she puts on some eye shadow

''hey there could be some cute boys there in the crowd.'' she says fixing her hair

''seriously boys at a one direction concert?''.

yep... OMG I look good!'' she says looking at herself in the mirror

o my gosh! Mackenzie come on!

Ok ok im comin!

*at the concert*

''come on lets go find paul.'' I say looking around

''o I think I found him''

''Hey guys u can't be back here.'' he says taking us back to our seats

''But Paul it's me! Susan Louis's Gf!''I said


O sorry did u wanna see Louis? he says taking us backstage


well here's his dressing room!...Wat o ok i'll be there in a sec! I gotta go girls! some fan is trying to sneak backstage! he said

Ok bye paul! we both say

I open the door and see Louis on the couch writing on a piece of paper and a box beside him full of flowers

Hey Louis whats up? I say

He looks up ''Susan! I missed you! he says giving me a hug

I missed u 2 umm.. whatcha writing aren't u suppose to be getting ready?

yea but this is more important than the concert im writing another forgive me letter here read it. he says giving me the note

It says:

I love you so very much, Even though at times I do things that hurt,

I try so hard and hope u see, How much you mean to me,

I am sorry yet again for causing you pain,

That is the last thing I ever wanted to do,

even when im trying to do the right thing and look out for you I mess up, and im sorry for that too, I hope that you still know how much I love  and cherish you, Like nothing else in my life gives me the thrill of being loved by you,

so I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes this sincere apology that comes with tears from deep inside. Forgive me  xx Louis


Aww! you heard Mackenzie say

You looked into Louis eyes and you could tell that he was sorry

Louis I..forgive you

you both kiss but then this girl came in she was wearing shorts and a tank top

Hey Louis can you she tilted her head trying to tell him something

o sure! he said going in the bathroom and giving her something u couldn't really tell wat it was

Louis who was that girl? you ask getting worried that he might be cheating on you again

That was Harry's new gf.

o he was about to kiss u again when..

Louis!!! come on we gotta go! Zayn says

Yea the crowd is going wild! harry says

o hey Susan did u and Louis make up? niall said

yep we sure did! I said o and guys I would like to introduce u to Mackenzie my friend!




Hey guys! so this is the end  of I Hate You :( BUT.... im starting a new story it's about Mackenzie Susans friend and Niall so this is almost like a continuous to I hate you! so go check it out once I get to work on it Lol! :)











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