I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


10. suprise

''Will You Marry Me?''

''ummm... No.''

no? he says getting up

Im sorry Louis it's just that  u cheated on me I don't know if I can trust you  I don't know yet i'll think about it.

he nods  ''I forgot to tell I have to go on tour next week''. he says getting his jacket and trying to hide his face but I still could see tears in his eyes

Louis where r u going? I said following him to the car

''Nowhere! Just leave me alone Susan!'' he says opening the car door

Louis if this is about if this is about the proposal I said i'll think about it!'' I said with tears forming in my eyes  but he wasn't listening to me u ran back into the house and cried and started throwing stuff after a few minutes you calmed down you decide to call kenzie


Hey kenzie umm c can you come h here? you say sobbing

Susan wats wrong?

I'll tell u when u get here.

im on my way. she said


after a few minutes u heard the door open


i in the living room


Susan what happened!? she says running to u

Louis left m-me!


because he proposed to me and i said no


that's not the point kenzie the point is he got mad and left me!

aww don't worry susan they always come back trust me! she says patting my back

i laughed a little

  *2 days later* Kenzie he still hasn't called me texted me or nothing!

we'll he might be busy Susan just wait

No I've waited long enough it's over he hates me! you say getting angry u walk to the kitchen and get a knife and and put it against your arm  it was very sharp

Susan put the knife down! Mackenzie says as she runs to me and takes it from my hand i fall to the floor and start crying ''Susan it's ok he is probably busy he is on tour and u know how busy they can get.''

''yea y-your probably r-right'' i say sobbing

'' i know so.''

you laugh

you hear a knock at the door

i'll get it Susan. she says getting up

''Thanks.'' i say

you get up and sit on the couch

Hmm it's for you she says giving me a box

you open it up and there are flowers in it

They are beautiful! but who r they from?

I think this will tell u she says giving me a note

It says:

Everytime i see pain in your eyes

A little part of my heart dies

No matter how hard and how often i try

all i seem to do is make you cry.

im sorry for being a jerk the other night baby

xx Louis

aww he is so sweet i say

i know right and look at these flowers they r sooo beautiful! Mackenzie says sniffing them

 we both start to laugh.






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