I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


14. scratch that :P

ok umm so scratch what I said in the other chapter about making another story :P I decided to add another chapter to this

*After the concert *

Louis opens the door for you, you walk in and lay your key's down he grabs ur arm and the starts kissing you on the neck

''Louis stop''

he ignores you

''Louis not now please''

''But its been looong time pleasse''

''Alright now ur just acting like Harry''

He starts to unbutton ur shirt

''Louis stop im serious'' u say giggling but u couldn't help it so u gave in

suddenly the door opens

''Mackenzie! how did u get in here?!'' I say

''umm the door was unlock''

you slap Louis on the leg and u both start to  giggle

''Are u guy's ok?'' she says looking at us confused

''yea we were just umm never mind'' Louis says getting up

''what r u doing here anyways?'' I ask Mackenzie

'' Well we were gonna study together remember but apparently ur to busy'' she says while handing me my top looking a little suspicious

'' Omg Mackenzie I can't believe you thought we were having se-''

''BABE!'' Louis says jumping in front of me ''shh!''

''ok ok I wont tell'' you and Louis both start to giggle

''alright im out of here I guess u and Louis are to busy!'' she says opening the door

''ok fine Mackenzie come back in and we will study together''

she comes back in ''good'' she says sitting down

''Babe I got to go meet the boys for rehearsal''

''k bye love u!'' I say giving him a hug


''Mackenzie r u ok?"

''yea im fine it's just that there  was a boy there who was super cute!''

''whats his name?!'' I ask

''Niall.'' she says trying to hide her face



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