I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


5. rumors


she pulls up Louis flat you get out of the car  you open the the and go inside she follows u not saying a word u sit down on the couch and start crying  with ur legs crossed and her face buried in her hand

Alright Susan wat happened up there in New York? she said sitting down beside me.             L-L Louis  cheated on me! I say sobbing

O, im so sorry , u know what it's his lost cause u r a very pretty girl and plus all guys are the same. She says   it makes u laugh a little

She looks at her phone o I gotta go I have to take my lil bro to get a haircut and if I don't get there in time he gets mad at me cause he doesn't get the good lollipops!

That makes u laugh  even harder  ok, bye and I hope u get there before all the good lollipops go bye bye! You both start     laughing very hard

k bye Susan hope u feel better! she says while getting her bag

k bye o and thanks!      anything for my bff! she said

You get on ur laptop after she leaves u get on that celebrity gossip thing and it says: 

Where's Louis from one direction? Rumors say it had something to do with Louis gf Susan!


she broke his heart I bet!

She better not break his heart!

she's just dating him for fame and fortune!

it made u cry that's not true u were not dating Louis for fame and fortune u were dating him cause u loved him!    That's not true that's not true u whispered to urself while rocking back and forth


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