I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


17. Niall

you drop Lexi and Mackenzie at there house's  and you come home and you toss your purse across the room and flop down on the couch you sigh and turn the tv on a couple minute later Louis comes in

''Hey Babe..'' He says sitting down on the couch beside me

''Louis im sorry for the way I acted back there'' I say avoiding eye contact

''babe it's ok it was all my fault  I was the one acting stupid''

''No babe I was the one being stupid and a big jer-''

Louis suddenly cuts me off with a kiss

''please don't call urself that''

you kiss some more and then he gives you an evil smile

''what?'' I ask him

''you know we didn't finish what we started this afternoon'' he says


He kisses you and starts to unbutton your shirt 

*ring ring*

''babe I gotta take this''  u say

''no'' Louis says whining

''yesss now get off of me'''

He finally lets you go and you take ur phone out of ur purse


Niall: ''Hey princess what r u doin?''

Me: ''umm uhh just cookin dinner!''

Niall: cool can I ask you a question?

Me: sure!

Niall: does Mackenzie have a boyfriend?

Me: No why?

Niall:  Just asking umm I gotta go!

Me: K bye!

*Hangs up*

''Well that was weird"  I say sitting back down on the couch

''what?'' Louis says

''Niall just asked if Mackenzie had  boyfriend''

''Duh he likes her'' Louis says  playing with my hair






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