I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


20. Niall and Mackenzie Kissed?!

You keep your eye on Mackenzie an Niall you tug Louis jacket

''What is it love?''

''Walk a little slower.'' I say

''Why?'' He says

''So I can watch them.''

he walks slower I watch them, all they were doing was talking it was getting boring

''Ok babe walk faster.'' i tell him

He walks a little faster I give up when we were almost past Starbucks, and i was on my phone Louis tugged me I looked up and see Niall and Mackenzie Kissing, I drop my phone then pick it up before paparazzi's can get it


''O my gosh...'' I say

''Babe lets go get pizza now plleeaassee.'' Louis says with puppy dog eyes

''Ok ok..'' I responded still a little shock

we went into pizza hut while we were eating and talking about Niall and Mackenzie I spot Mackenzie walking down the street with Niall, she sees me nd Louis and whispers something to Niall, niall starts walking the other direction, And then Mackenzie comes in the restaurant

''Whats up guys!?'' she says sitting down beside me

''Umm nothing just eating pizza for breakfast'' Lou says

''Cool!'' She responds getting a piece of pizza

'' How about you Mackenzie where were you?'' i ask

''O nowhere just drinking coffee at Starbucks.'' she says taking a bite of her pizza

''Did you go with anyone?'' I Say sounding a little suspicious, Louis Gently kicks me in the leg

''Umm no, no one just me myself and I.'' she says looking at the ground   like shes hiding something I looked at her shocked i couldn't believe she would lie to me

She got a text message (I think it was from Niall) She smiles

''Uh guys im so sorry but i have to go!''

''K bye! '' Louis says

''See ya.'' I say a little sad still shocked about what happened today with the kissing and the lying

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