I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


11. more notes

The next day u were on twitter and Mackenzie was at the store buying movies for movie night when there was a knock at the door   ''what if it's Louis!''  you say to urself

''o thank you!'' you say to the man as he gives you another box u sit back down on the couch and open it there were chocolates inside and a rose u picked up the rose ''pretty''

u put the rose down and see a note

it says:

I say I love you and cherish all of your dreams

yet I act as if I can't hear your screams

of need and want and stability and trust

my plans never materialize , my promises rust

I love you and Im sorry xxx Louis

please forgive me for acting like an ass the other night

When you heard the door open  ''Hey Susan I picked out an awesome movie we could watch tonight twilight!

"yea yea sure look what Louis  sent me!''

she sat down beside me and read the note

''aww that's sweet of him I just got one question though do u forgive him?''

you looked at the note ''umm.. yess''

''u should go over there to see the concert tonight!''

''don't know kenze remember wat happened the other time I came to there concert''

''yes but now is ur chance to see if he done it again!

''u r soo weird... but I guess it wouldn't hurt to see wat he's up 2 but can u come with me?

''o Susan I would love to!''

o.k then lets start packing

after you packed she drove to the airport

and then get on the  plane that's where u continue your beauty sleep (Lol)





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