I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


21. Mackenzie pregnant With Louis

Later that day I went shopping with Lexi, and Louis had to go somewhere I seen some fans,

                                   ~2  Hours later~

I went home and looked for Louis

''LOUIS!!'' I called out, No answer

''Louis!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!?!'' No answer that time  I wasn't surprised

I thought he was at Nialls house or something so I went to Mackenzie's house to tell her what I saw today

When I opened the door to Mackenzie's house I seen Louis and Mackenzie sitting on the couch and Mackenzie was crying

''O hey Louis! Umm.. Mackenzie whats wrong?'' I ask sitting beside her

She gets up ''Umm... Susan I-Im pregnant...''

My eyes widen ''Who's the father?!'' I say with mixed emotions

''L-Louis..'' she says sobbing

I get up ''Louis how could you?!?!"

''Susan please just hear me out.'' Louis says

"I HATE YOU BOTH!!!!!'' I say running out the door

I cry I Decide to go to Harry's house

''Love whats wrong?!'' Harry says

''Louis cheated on me!''

~an hour later~

Harry cheers me up and I found out he always liked  me and it gets intense ;)

''I-I love you..'' Harry says playing with my hair, I put my clothes back on

and you guys move to another country and have 2 kids! you never saw Louis Tomlinson again...





HAHA Happy Late april fools guys!! I was gonna do that yesterday but didn't have time! sorry if I scared ya but none of this really happened Susan didn't run away with harry they didn't move Or have 2 kids and Mackenzie didn't get pregnant


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