I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


15. Lexi

''niall'' she says trying to hide her face

''o no need to be ashamed we ALL get crushes hmmm... how about if we go on a group date?''

''omg that would be sooo freakin perfect!''

''great i'll call Louis'' I say dialing his number

*on the phone with Louis*

''Hey Louis I was thinking we should have a group date yea me Mackenzie and Daniel..... yea that would be perfect ok babe love u bye!''

''he said yes!''

you and Mackenzie start jumping up and down

''yay yay yay yay!'' you both say

*Beep Beep*

''Hold on im getting a reminder'' you say looking at your phone

''o! Louis and them has another concert to go to!''

'' what now?'' she says getting her purse

''Yess now lets go!''


''They r soo good!'' Mackenzie says watching them perform live on tv

''I know right brb kenze I have to go tinkle''

as u walk down the hallway u spot a girl coming towards u

''excuse me do u know where the bathroom is?'' she says

'' yea just keep going straight and turn left''  I say

'' Thank you So much!''

'' Lol no problem!'' I say walking with her

she stops and looks at me

''Hey aren't u Louis's girlfriend'' she says

''yep so im guessing u like one direction?'' I ask her

''yess! im a big  fan I like Harry he is cute! o and btw im Lexi!'' she says

'' And im Susa-''

''I know who u r and let me just say u r amazing!'' she says

''Thanks hey umm do u wanna go somewhere with me and the band tonight?''

''r u kidding that would be a fans dream! o and sure!!''

''Great! come with me and ill take u to Louis's dressing room!''


''omg! this is awesome!!!'' she says jumping up and down

''speaking of awesome they r done with there gigs''  Mackenzie says

Louis and the boys come in the dressing room

'' Hey babe who's this?'' Louis asks giving me a small hug while looking at Lexi

''This is Lexi!'' 


















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