I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


3. I hate you louis tomlinson!

Louis wat the fuck!  I yell                         Susan it's not wat it looks like! he says getting up quickly   ''I cant believe u!''     Love please im sorry he says as he grabs your arm         ''Don't call me that and let go of me u asshole!''  u say as the boys walk in giving Louis a disgusted look

''love I just really missed u !'' he says with tears in his eyes         ''that's still doesn't give u a reason to cheat on me!        ''susan please im sorry''               I hate u Louis Tomlinson!!  u says as u run out and grab a cab and back to the hotel  u start packing when u notice u have 47 txt messages from Louis  Jerk! I say to myself and turn my phone completely off  u go back to the airport sign some papers give them ur ticket and shor them ur passport

finally ur in the plane  and  ur very very tired so u fall asleep.

hope u liked it ill add a new chapter later!! :)

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