I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


9. i forgive you

Susan please give me another chance


Fine! but if u cheat on me again Louis Tomlinson I am gonn-

Then I was cut off by a kiss

''Thanks.'' he says whispering in my ear           and then he walks out and gets something out of the car you couldn't really tell wat it was cause it was dark he comes back and he gives you flowers and chocolates Louis thank you so much these r my favorite! u say taking a bite of the chocolate

O and umm Susan can I ask you something?

Sure wat is it?

 this isn't  the best way to do it but

I know we've only been going out for 8 month's now but I just love u soo much and I just couldn't hold it in any longer so,

he takes something and it was a ring box

Susan when I first met you I knew you were the one

he gets down on his knees

Susan will you make me the luckiest and the happiest man alive  Will You Marry Me?



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