I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


7. i don't forgive you

after you and Mackenzie got done eating Mackenzie took  u shopping  and then went back home and then painted ur nails and then got dressed   you ready girlfriend?!

you betcha! I said getting my purse

*At the club* 

you and Mackenzie was just dancing

This ones for Susan u heard a familiar voice u looked at Mackenzie who was looking at the stage with her mouth open u turned around and seen Louis

he started singing GOTTA BE YOU u stood there shocked while u stood there this one boy came up 2 u and started to makeout with u u tried to push him away but he was to strong 

out of nowhere BAM! Louis smacked him but then u guys got kicked out of the club

*outside the club*

Thanks Louis I said

So do u wanna go get a pizza or something? he said

Louis I said thanks for saving me in there I didn't say I forgive u! u said starting to tear up again

Come on Mackenzie let's go! u say grabbing her arm and dragging her to the car

while u were in the car it was silent for about 5 minutes

Susan come on u have to forgive him he says he was sorry! she said

why should I HE WAS MAKING OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL!  I heard him say I love you to that girl!  I say with tears streaming down my face

but it was probably an accident ! she said

Mackenzie I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I've said and done things I shouldn't have said but I have never accidentally told someone I love them!

But susa- I cut her off

can we just not talk about it I said

it was silent all the way back to Louis house




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