I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


8. give me another chance

That night your asleep when you feel someone or something breathing  down your neck you turn and see Louis

Hey Love! he says with a smile on his face

Louis what r u doing here!!?? I say jumping up from the bed and covering my body with a blanket

Umm.. well it's my house...

Yeah I know can u please just leave now!?

No it's my house he says laughing

it's not funny Louis! and fine if ur not leaving then I am! I said putting my jeans on

He grabs my arm  I almost fall he catches me and me and him r face to face he gets closer and closer

and then I pull him away i grab my bag and walk out of the bedroom he follows me

Susan can we just pleasse talk about this?!

wats there to talk about?! i say turning around facing him

Look im sorry i will neeeevvveeerrr do anything that stupid again and if i do just slap me across the face!

Louis i don't know i say putting my hands up

Susan please just give me another chance




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