I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


6. get you out of my head

hey guys! ok so we got out early from school cause of the weather so I have some time to write!

You cried yourself to sleep that night.  The next day you wake up to the sound of your phone ringing   you groaned you looked to see who it was :Niall: not again I said to myself

Hello niall sorry I can't talk to u right now but im to busy packing my stuff o and do u mind telling Louis that it's over! *You hang up before he can say anything*

You decide to change and watch some tv and then u hear a knock on the door you open it its Mackenzie

Hey Susan how ya fellin? she said comin over to hug me                 Fine! now im just tryin to get him out of my head though we both start laughing  So I brought u some food she said while getting some plates     

Yay! im soo hungry! I said getting the drinks

and  then u guys sit down and eat while u while u guyz watch Tv 

Hey why don't we go down to the club tonight u know to get u know who out of ur head? she says taking a bite of her food


 yea that's a good idea! :)


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