I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


18. blind date


Mackenzie: ''Hey come here right now!!''

Me: ''Umm why?''

Mackenzie: ''i'll tell u when u get here so come here now!!''

Me: ''Ok i'll be there in a sec''

You get in ur car a little worried ''What if she's hurt?'' you say to urself you get there and u come rushing in

''What happened!!  do I need o call the cops?! or and ambulance?!'' U say then u see Mackenzie sitting on the couch with a box of flowers

'' O hey Susan come sit!'' she says patting her hand on the couch giving me permission to sit

''ok...'' I say

''who bought u those flowers? they r really pretty!''

''see that's it I don't know who they came from'' she says looking at them

But u knew they were from Niall

'' O umm Kenzie I gotta go..''

''what?! u not gonna help me find out who they r from?''

''yea sorry Im busy maybe tomorrow'' I say grabbing my purse and heading out the door

you get in your car and call Niall

Me: Hey Niall did u send Mackenzie flowers?

Niall: yea but don't tell her!

Me: why don't u ask her out?

Niall: I don't know

Me: o ok well umm i gotta go

Niall: K bye princess

I hung up i go pick up  Louis from rehearsals

'' Hey babe ready to go?'' i ask giving him a hug

''yea lets go''

''k bye guys!'' i yell from across the room they look back and wave except for niall

When u get in the car u tell Louis about wat happened with Niall and Mackenzie

'' So that's wat happened and i was thinking we should set them up on a blind date!''

He looks at the ground and then me he bites his lips

''i think its a great idea'' he says giving me a big smile

when u get home Louis calls Niall

Louis: Hey Niall wats up man?

Niall: Nothing much u?.... u do know we just seen each others at rehearsals right?

Louis: yea i was just about to ask would u do me a favor?

Niall: What's the favor?

Louis: tonight im going to take u  to a restaurant wear a suit''

Niall: why a suit? and why r u taking me to a restaurant ?! dude r u sure ur ok?

Louis: im taking u to a restaurant because well.. i don't know cause i want to i guess and wear a suit because there r going to be paparazzi's following us we r going to be discussing about a song

Niall: Ok...

Louis: good see u later man!

*Hangs up*

''Ok babe I called him''

''What did he say?''

''he said he would go now call Mackenzie'' he says flopping down on the couch taking a magazine of the coffee table

I dial her number

Mackenzie: Hello?

Me: Hey Mackenzie umm come to a restaurant with me tonight and wear something pretty!

Mackenzie: OK?

Me: great bye!

*hangs up*

''She said yes!'' I say hugging Louis

''great i'll pick Niall up and u pick Mackenzie'' He says getting his keys



you and Mackenzie comes in Mackenzie had a blind fold and so does Niall Louis sits niall down with his blind fold still on and u sit Mackenzie down with her blind fold still on 2 Louis unties the blind fold and so do u then u and Louis take of running

*Mackenzie's P.O.V*

Susan takes the blind fold of and I open my eyes and see Niall in front  of me

''Mackenzie?'' he says a little surprised

''Niall?'' i say a little confused











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