I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


4. at the airport again

 You woke up  and the plane trip was over finally! u say talking to urself ur at the airport u call Mackenzie to come pick u up   Hello?    Hey Mackenzie can u come pick me up?

I thought u were in New York? she said           umm no I left           Why? she said curiously             ummm....I don't really wanna talk about it  I said as my voice trembles    ok ill be there in a minute. *hangs up*         *ring ring*    Who could it be now?

Looks at phone   :Niall:  I hesitated but answered it anyways

Hey niall look if this is about Louis and that bleached blonde girl I don't wanna hear it!

Susan please! just listen u probably won't forgive Louis for wat he done and  yea we know it was stupid thing to do  but he said he was not gonna perform tonight  he is crying over here so can u please talk to him

im sorry niall I just can't! *hangs up*   u start tearing up again *6 minutes later*   Mackenzie pulls up Hey Kenzie Hey susan! she says excitedly  just drop me of at Louis house.       she looks at me and see's the sad look on my face

Susan r u ok? she said looking worried 

Umm yea.. can we just not talk? I said thinking about wat happened

sure....she said

Thanks guys! sorry it wasn't long but school u know how it is with homework and stuff!  :) hope u like! :D


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