Don't Fight Fire With Fire ~ One Direction

Why are you acting like this? We used to be so close, now you're sleeping with every single girl in our year. Why. You used to be so innocent and now? Now I'm the jerk. Hypocrite.


1. Prologue

'You fat, ugly bitch!'

That hurt. I don't get called that anymore. I was in year 6 then. Over the summer between primary and secondary school. I ate less and went to the gym. I lost lots of weight.

Oops I forgot to mention my name's Ella Jacobs. I live in Doncaster. It's 2009, now I'm 17. I dyed my dark brown hair to a golden blonde (bit like Taylor Swift's). My favourite colour is purple. My birthday is 3rd June. My dad died when I was 12. In a plane crash. My mum had found love again, but I could tell It didn't compare to the love she had with my dad. (not in that way you dirty minded people).

My closest friends were, Victoria (Vic/Vicky), Natasha (Tasha/Tash) and Caitlin (She didn't like the name Kate so we decided to call her bubs). We had been friends since year 7. You could say we were the four most popular girls in school.

Vic was the 'funny' one. She hardly ever took anything seriously.

Caitlin was the 'slutty' one. I don't know why. I guess since she lost her you know what, she has been hooking up with different guys every week. She lost it last out of all of us. Ironic huh?

Tash was the 'smart' one or the 'goody two shoes'. We would be in so much trouble if it wasn't for her! She always did her homework. She has had detentions but only because of us. She was Louis Tomlinson's twin. Louis, her and I used to be close at the beginning of primary school. We're now sworn enemies (Me and Louis). Tasha took my side. I'm thankful for that.

I was the 'flirt' or the 'leader'. I guess if it wasn't for me the group wouldn't have been 'created'. Vic and I were neighbours, Caitlin and I were in pretty much all the same classes and I've already explained about Tasha and I. And the flirt thing, that came 'naturally' just quoting something Caitlin said. I personally didn't think that I was that big of a flirt. I guess people beg to differ!



Is it me or Taylor Swift's hair has gotten blonder. She's either died it or it has done that naturally... hmmm... If it has gotten blonder naturally I want to know her secret!

New fanfic. I decided to stop Target as I was lost for ideas... So I have stuck with this. :)

Comment please I want to know what you think :)


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