What you do to me ~ a Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Stephanie Brooke is just an ordinary girl, she's not popular but she's not a nerd either I guess you could say she's friends with everybody. But one night when she goes to a party and meets the 'Louis Tomlinson' her life seems perfect until she finds out what he's really like that is…


2. The best day...or not

Stephanie's P.O.V

I woke up to sound of my alarm playing Taylor swifts 22, I groaned before turning it off, I remembered that I needed to get ready for my 'date' with Louis so I grabbed my phone and stumbled sleepily to the bathroom. I plugged my phone into the docking station and selected my 'shower' playlist before undressing and hopping into the shower. I sang along to 'crazier' while washing my hair.

After a few more minutes in the shower I jumped out wrapping my towel securely around me, I made sure the blinds were closed before walking over to my wardrobe to decide what to wear. I used to not bother closing my blinds but there is another flat facing mine and a guy around my age lives there i think he's called Harry or something, anyway don't get me wrong he's a nice guy but his bedroom happens to be facing mine and he also happened to be in his bedroom sat on his bed facing his window when I walked out of the bathroom without a towel...you get the idea, so now I check every single time before walking out.
I snapped myself out of my thoughts and carried on finding an outfit, I wasn't really sure where we were going so I decided I'd text him quickly.

To BooBear : where are we going today? I don't know what to wear?:)x

I started to do my makeup and just finished drying my hair and when my phone vibrated on the dressing table that I was sat at. I decided to leave my hair natural so it was wavy and unlocked my phone and read the new message from Louis.

From BooBear : it's a surprise but dress smart-casual, I will pick you up in half an hour wants your address babe?xx

To BooBear : it's *address* see you soon:)x

I locked my phone and placing it back down on the dressing table. I walked back over to my wardrobe and scanned through my clothes. I finally decided on a pair of black skinny jeans, a white flowy tank top that I tucked in and a black Moto jacket (leather jacket) I finished the look off with a pair of cream heeled boots and a matching bag. I usually wore heels not because i loved them though, to be honest id rather wear a pair of TOMs any day but when I was at school people used to laugh at my short height so as soon as i was aloud to wear heels i did. I was taken away from my thoughts by someone knocking on the door, I grabbed my purse and phone and placed them into my bag before walking quickly out of the bedroom towards the front door of my flat being careful not to trip in my shoes.

I opened the door to see Louis stood there with a huge smile plastered across his face. "Hello love, you ready to go?" He asked holding out his hand, "yep" I replied taking his hand and closing the door behind me. We got into the elevator and pressed the ground floor button as the doors closed, the doors opened again and we both walked outside towards a small sports care that looked way to expensive. He opened my door for me as I thanked him and climbed in, sitting in the comfy leather seat, I could see him jog round the back of the car before he hopped in his side and started the car.

10 minutes later we arrived at a fancy looking building but to be honest I wasn't quite sure what it was. The car door on my side opened and louis helped out before taking my hand in his entwining our fingers together. I was a bit uncomfortable at first because to be honest I didn't know him at all but I decided not to say anything or else things will just get more awkward.
The building actually turned out to be a restaurant and there was another room across from the restaurant that had tinted windows so you couldn't see inside but for some reason Louis wouldn't tell me what it was. I shrugged it off and followed him into the restaurant.

*after the meal*

I couldn't believe that after one meal we had learnt so much about it each other it was kind of crazy but it didn't mind because it just made me realise now much I actually liked Louis and that was a lot. "Do you want to know what's in that room now?" He asked me interrupting my thoughts. "Yeah" I replied excitedly, "we'll come on then and I'll show you" he said pulling me gently towards the room across from the restaurant. We walked in and the lighting was quite dim so you could see where you were going but not extremely clearly, The only thing lighting the whole place up was a huge pool that was had spotlights inside it in the middle of the room with 2 wooden sun beds around it.

"Cmon lets go swimming" Louis yelled already pulling his shirt off.

"And what am I gonna wear?" I asked for the second time today.

"I thought you might say that so I got you this" he replied chucking me a pretty black bikini that happened to be exactly my size...

"And how exactly did you know what size I was?" I questioned raising my eyebrows

"I know my stuff" he joked winking causing us both to laugh.

"That just makes you sound like a manwhore" I joked.

"Shut up" he yelled laughing too but his eyes told different they were filled with...anger?
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