What you do to me ~ a Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Stephanie Brooke is just an ordinary girl, she's not popular but she's not a nerd either I guess you could say she's friends with everybody. But one night when she goes to a party and meets the 'Louis Tomlinson' her life seems perfect until she finds out what he's really like that is…


1. Meeting him

Stephanie's P.O.V

"come one Livv were gonna be late" i yelled to my bestfriend from the front door of the flat we shared.

"im coming, im coming" she yelled back as she hopped through the living room towards me trying to put tie the strap on her heel.

She finally fastened it then we both walked out the door as i locked it behind us, "so what did you get amelia for her birthday anyway?" she asked waving for the taxi to stop. "just an itunes voucher and this box of nail paints you?" i replied sliding into the black taxi.

"i was going to give her that hat but you stole it from me to add to your million others" she said reaching over and tapping the black pork pie hat on top of me head, "soo i got her that pair of shoes she kept looking at when the three of us went shopping that time" she continued sitting back into her seat.

"here you go ladies that'll be 20 euros" the taxi driver said sticking his head out of the window as we stood next to the car, i fumbled with my purse and was just about to pull out a 20 when a boy who looked around my age maybe a little older stepped in front of me "here you go mate" he said paying the driver a 20 euro note as the taxi drove off. He was wearing a white round neck top covered by a dark denim jacket, along with some black cropped trousers and some white vans. When i tilted my head back up he turned back around to face me.

"hi im louis" he said in a strong british accent, as he held out his hand "hi im stephanie, why did you do that?" i asked curiously as i shook his hand. "because i wanted to come and speak to you but i didnt have a good reason to so there it was" he replied casually, but i noticed a slight blush creeping up onto his cheeks. "thanks, shall we go inside?" i asked noticing Livv had already gone into the club. "sure" he said reaching for my hand and pulling me towards the building with music blaring from it.

Amelia was stood at the entrance and we both hugged quickly before i handed her the present and wished her a happy birthday, "would you like to dance?" Louis asked diverting his gaze towards the group of sweaty bodies grinding on the dancefloor, "uhh sure" i replied as he dragged us towards the crowd. We danced for ages before i decided that i needed a drink i grabbed his hand and walked over to the bar him following closely behind. "2 tequila shots" i shouted over the loud music to the barmaid, she nodded then waltzed off to get our drinks.


I thanked Louis for the ride home then got out of his car walking up to my block of flats, i fumbled with the keys still a bit tipsy from all the shots i had taken earlier. once i was finally inside my flat i placed my keys on the side, i noticed Olivia passed out on the couch as i wandered into my bedroom and flopped on the bed i really couldnt be bothered to change. I was just about to fall asleep when my phone vibrated on the bedside table, i picked up and opened the new message.

from Loubear : goodnight beautiful, be ready tomorrow at 11 am im taking you out babe xx

to Loubear : okay, goodnight:)x

i smiled to myself and set an alarm for 10am so i had time to get ready before placing my phone back on the small table beside me and driffting off to sleep...
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