Xena Warrior Princess; Sins Of The Past

In the land of ancient Greece a woman warrior is lost to herself.
Unforgiven and shunned for past actions, old flames bring disaster to any hope she had of moving on but a new friend see's the goodness in the warrior woman that even Xena herself cannot see... but when even her family cannot forgive her what hope is there in forgiving herself?

A mix of bad-ass action, tender emotion, a story that will make you heart beat faster for more then one reason!


1. Prologue






In the beautiful mountains of ancient Greece,


a lone rider cantered out of the mist…






 Xena rode through the blackened remains of a village.


 A village that had been raised to the ground by her army, on her orders, while shouting her name. She could still hear the screaming as she and her men had slaughtered its inhabitants, innocent people.


 A young boy stepped out of one of the ruins.


 “Hello.” She said.


 “You got any food you could spare?” He asked unaware of who exactly he was talking to.


 “Foods scarce everywhere, no one has anything to spare.” She replied flatly.

 “Where are your parents?”


 The boy looked up at her with sad eyes.

 “The other side, they were killed by Xena the Warrior Princess. She came down out of the sky in a chariot, throwing thunderbolts and breathing fire.”


 Remorse and guilt washed over Xena in a crashing wave.


 She had made her mind up.


 She would lay down her sword for the last time along with her dark past.


 Reaching behind her, she retrieved some food wrapped in cloth from her saddlebag,


she dropped it in front of the boy and urged her mare, Argo, into trot and then canter.


 The boy picked it up unwrapped the food, and smiled after her.



 Xena pulled the palomino mare to a halt near a copse of trees. She dismounted, pulled Argo’s reins over her head, hooked them over a dead branch on the ground, and walked into the trees.


 Once in the trees, she made a shallow hole in the earth with her hands and threw her sword, still in its sheath and her belt into it.


 Taking off her knee guards and her skirted corset,- the skirt was made up of inch wide strips every second piece was tiered and had small silver studs placed evenly from top to bottom, all was made of smooth dark brown leather- and put them in as well. Then her golden-bronze colored breastplate and the shoulder-guards, which were no more than pieces of hard leather inlaid with gold swirls and patterns. Last, to come off were her upper- they were two inches wide and circled her bicep- and lower arm guards- which reached from her wrist to just below her elbow narrowing off to a point on her outer arm- also inlaid with gold curls and spirals both made of the same tough dark brown leather. Then her back guard, that was spirals and Celtic knots made out of the same gold metal as her breastplate. Putting her Chakram, a circle of tough silver and gold metal, inlaid with pale green gems, on top, she covered everything up. She stood up, wearing only her pale pink/white shift.


  Her face haunted her body numb. Her almost black hair fell around her only her thick hair band, made out of braided leather, keeping it out of her face.

  Her blue eyes were unfocused, seeing only the past.  Blood, so much blood and death, villages and towns burning, people cowering from her, their faces blank with fear. The screams of frightened people echoed through her mind, innocent people, victims, victims of her and her army. Women screaming as their husbands and brothers were killed.


 Women shrieking, Xena’s attention snapped back to the present. People were all around her, shouting and running.


 She backed quickly into the bushes.


 Some unpleasant looking men with spears and swords were herding some peasants, mostly young women, into a group. One of the men stepped forward; he had a few long hanks of hair sticking up out of what looked like a light piece of carved wood about two inches wide and half an inch high. It curved from his forehead to the top of his neck. Xena guessed he was the leader from his self-assured manner.


 “Ok.” the leader said whose name was Hector.


 “We can do this one or two ways. You can let us have the girls and go back to those hovels you call home, or we can hack you all into little pieces and take the girls anyway.” He laughed. Some of his men chuckled.


 One of the peasants, a blonde-haired young woman, rushed forward.


 “Gabrielle!” One of the others, a dark haired girl, called after her.


 “Take me, let the others go!” Gabrielle said her strong will showing in her voice.


 “Nice try.” Hector said.


 Xena watched carefully, the young woman had courage to stand up to a man like that.


 “But we will take you and any one else we want.”


  He reached out to grab her; Gabrielle slapped his hand away.


 That did not sit well with him.


“Never too early to start training a slave girl.”


 Hector put his hand out; one of his soldiers put a whip in it.


 Gabrielle backed away, her expression one of fear. As he swung his arm back to start whipping the young women, Xena stepped out of the bushes and grabbed the handle, pulling him around to face her.


 “I got to admit.” He said.


 “This village makes tough women, ok, ok now we take the gloves off, start hacking.”  He pulled out his dagger and got three kicks in the face from Xena for his troubles, and ended up doing an unintentional backward role.


 The Warrior Princess backed up, her whole body on the defensive.


 Hector got to his feet and grabbed a spear.


 “You round up the girls.” He ordered.


 “Yes Sir! You heard him, round up the girls! All right lets go!” “We’ll take care of this one.”


 The soldiers on either side of Xena went down with two kicks.


 Hector charged at her.


 Punch, kick another man went down, she spun round, kicked the spear up out of Hector’s hands.


Two punches in the face, a kick in chest and he was on his back.


As he lay on the ground, Hector rubbed his neck and noticed that his spear was falling back to earth, point downwards, and straight for him. He rolled sideways just in time and it pierced the ground next to his head.


Two men with spears came at Xena.


She grabbed their weapons to hold them in place and kicked them, one after the other.


Looking over her shoulder, she saw a peasant man being beaten up by one of Hector’s soldiers. There was a sword on the ground, she kicked it, and the hilt hit him in the back of the head, knocking him down.


Still holding the spears she turned her back to their, holders going down on one knee she pulled them over her shoulders.


Xena ran at the spear that was still stuck in the ground. She grabbed it with both hands and spun around it. Her war cry rang out.


“Ilylylylylylylylyly! Ilylylylylylylylyl-lyiii!” Kicking the rest of the warriors back as she spun. Hector himself was still lying next to the spear, he looked up to realise his side was losing, grabbing his dagger he cut through the wood part of the spear expecting Xena to go flying onto the ground. Instead, she used the momentum to somersault out of the circle of warriors and land on her feet still holding the spear.


All of Hector’s gang were on the ground, looking the other way she saw the blonde girl, Gabrielle, was trying to resist being pulled away. She looked back in time to see four men running at her with spears. Blocking them with her spear, she swung over them. ‘Iyyyy!’ Then she was standing behind them, jerking the spear towards herself, and knocking them back. One of the other men slung a struggling Gabrielle over his shoulder and turned round trying get a better grip on her.


“Eyaaaa!” Xena threw the spear at his chest; Gabrielle managed to get her feet on the ground and kneed him in the face. One of the men had come up behind Xena and suddenly hit her on the back of the neck. She fell forward onto the ground.


The men circled her drawing their swords.


“Come on! She’s down!” Hector’s men yelled.


“Yeah, we got her now!”


 “Yeah, you’re not so tough now girl.”


Hector walked into the circle and put his hand out for a sword.


A man handed him one.


Laughing, Hector raised it.


Looking up at him from under her fringe, Xena dug about franticly in the dirt for her sword and found it. He brought his sword down and she blocked it with her own. Raising her Chakram in the other hand, she threw it. It sliced through one sword glanced off a rock, cut through another sword and a spear, bounced off another rock and flew back to Xena. She caught it easily and spun round onto her feet. Hector’s men backed off.


Xena laughed at the look of shock on their faces.


“Ilylylylylylylylylyly!” She cried, spinning her sword in one hand as they attacked. Block, block, slash. Backhand the next man with her Chakram.




‘Come on, now’s our chance!’ The peasants noticed that most of the warriors were preoccupied with Xena and started fighting their way free. ‘That’s more like it.’ One man shouted.


Xena slashed one man with her Chakram, swung round disarmed another man and sliced him.


The sword landed near Hector, who was looking rather nervous, the pheasants were overcoming his men.




Xena turned to face him crossing her sword over his.


She laughed again, her blue eyes practically glowing. 


Disarming him in one move, that ended with his sword, stuck in a branch above his head. She picked up a bit of blue cloth tied on his shoulder with the point of her sword.


“You’re with Draco.” She said in disgust and ripped it off.


“Tell him Xena says hello.” Then she knocked him down.        

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