Xena Warrior Princess; Sins Of The Past

In the land of ancient Greece a woman warrior is lost to herself.
Unforgiven and shunned for past actions, old flames bring disaster to any hope she had of moving on but a new friend see's the goodness in the warrior woman that even Xena herself cannot see... but when even her family cannot forgive her what hope is there in forgiving herself?

A mix of bad-ass action, tender emotion, a story that will make you heart beat faster for more then one reason!


14. Chapter Thirteen


 Draco fell backwards and hit the ground.

 “Sheeeya!” Xena jumped after him and landed heavily on his chest just as he made to get up.

 She stabbed the ground with her staff an expression of degrading satisfaction on her face as she looked down at the defeated warlord.

 “I haven’t touched the ground yet, Draco, but you have.”

 She put one foot on the ground leaning on her staff she looked at the archers.

 They lowered their bow, looking unsure.

 Xena looked back at Draco.

 “Looks like I’ll have to finish you off myself.”

 She poked his chest just below his neck under his amour with the staff.

 “Of course now, maybe you’re willing to make a deal.”

 He didn’t say a word.

 From the villagers there were mutters of; “No deals!”

 “Kill him!”

 “If I let you live, you and your army clear out of the valley by sundown.”

 He still did not say anything, just looked up at her sideways, the staff still pressed into his chest.

 “Swear it!”

 Xena said jaw clenched.

 “On the head of Ares!”

 When the warlord spoke, his voice was gravelly.

 “I swear, on the head of Ares, god of war, to be out of your valley by sundown.”

 The warrior held the staff in place for a moment longer then with one last shove at his chest stepped off him completely and walked around him to stand inside the doorway.

 Draco stood.

 She faced him. 

 “Then go.”

 Gar got to his feet from where he had fallen earlier and pulled his dagger. He came up behind Xena, arm poised to strike down the Warrior Princess.

 “Xena!” Gabrielle called in warning.

 Draco pulled the hidden dagger from the back of his amour and threw it.

Gar fell, dead.

 The warlord walked round Xena and looked down at the dead man. Xena turned her head slightly to look as well.

 Draco looked at the warrior.

 “A deal’s a deal.”

 Then he turned and left, his men following him out.

 Xena turned and looked after him, her blue eyes soft.

  The headsman came up behind her.

 “You can take the loot wagons, of course.”

 “I don’t want anything.”

 She replied not looking at him.


 Sometime later Xena walked through the door curtain into her mother’s tavern ,it was empty of life, all the candles blown out except for one on the counter, the tables cleared of mugs and bowls.

 She walked over to the table where she had left her saddlebags earlier and started tying them closed.

 There was a light tinkle as someone came through the curtain behind her.

 She turned to see her mother walking towards her, smiling, arms outstretched.

 Xena leant down and embraced the older woman.

 “Mother, forgive me, please.” Her voice was quiet, hopeful.

 “Oh I forgive you, my little one.”

 Xena smiled into her mother’s hair, her eyes closing.

 “I forgive you.” She repeated softly.

 They parted, her mother holding onto her arms.

 “So happy to have back again.”

 “You know I can’t stay for long.”

 Her mother nodded, still smiling.

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