Xena Warrior Princess; Sins Of The Past

In the land of ancient Greece a woman warrior is lost to herself.
Unforgiven and shunned for past actions, old flames bring disaster to any hope she had of moving on but a new friend see's the goodness in the warrior woman that even Xena herself cannot see... but when even her family cannot forgive her what hope is there in forgiving herself?

A mix of bad-ass action, tender emotion, a story that will make you heart beat faster for more then one reason!


11. Chapter Ten

  Xena walked into a dark stone building, she paused just inside the entrance -which was lit by two wall torches- and glanced around.

 A piece of silver armour hung on a stand to her left, a silver helmet stood on a mounting to her right.

 A clay coffin rested on a stone table in the center of the room, a sword lay on it at an angle so that if the person inside were alive they could have held it between two clasped hands. Two torches cast shadows across the carvings of skulls and axes that decorated the sides of the coffin.

 Xena walked up to the coffin, and stood looking down at it.

 She blew dust off the head of the coffin, brushing her hand over it to make sure it was free of dirt.

 “You always did have trouble keeping your face clean.”

 A slight wry smile on her lips as she rested her hands gently on the surface.

 “Since you’ve been gone, I kind of lost my way.”

 She smiled slightly again.

 “Now, I found it.”

 “I thought I could start over.”

 She looked away from the face carved on the lid of the coffin.

 “But no…”

 Her eyes roamed around the room.

 “They don’t trust me.

 “Not even Mother.” Remembered sadness filled her eyes.

 “I can’t blame her, she can’t see into my heart.”

 The warrior looked down at the coffin then, looking into its face.

 “But I’ve got to believe that you can.”

 There was a slight shake in her voice when she spoke again.

 “And I wish you where here.”

 Gabrielle walked into the entrance, and stood quietly watching as the hardened warrior poured her heart out to her dead brother completely unaware of the young woman’s presence.

 “It’s hard to be alone.”

 Gabrielle spoke then.

 “You’re not alone.” 

 Xena turned quickly, her expression blank.

 Gabrielle smiled at her.

 The warrior’s face softened then and her lips curved upwards ever so slightly.


  In a large storage barn in Amphipolis, the villagers had gathered. The Headsman paced back and forth between the doors and the crowd, glancing at the closed doors every time he turned.

 Then there was the sound of men and horses from outside.

 The doors were pushed open and Gar and another man walked in, followed by two more soldiers and behind them was Draco flanked by the green arrowed archer and another man, All armed to the teeth.

 “Which one of you considers yourself a leader?”

 Draco asked as his men took up places around the door.

 The Headsman stepped forward.

 “Ah, your emissary said you were interested in making a deal.”

 The warlord smirked.

 “I found the amusing enough to agree to this meeting.”

 Then his voice took on a more serious tone.

 “What do have in mind?”

 “We, uh, took the liberty of putting together a few wagons of loot… Some very valuable things, as well as supplies.”

 “We hope you’d take that and leave us in peace.

 “Why would I want to do that?”

 Draco asked.

 The Headsman looked rather uncomfortable as two of Draco’s men walked up behind him and stood there watching.

 “Well, ah, we thought that if we pledged to supply your troops whenever you’re in the area, that might be very valuable to you.”

 He looked over his shoulder at the soldier standing there.

 “More valuable then a bunch of dead villagers.”

 “But not nearly as entertaining”.

 Draco smiled.

 “However perhaps there is a deal to be made, you do have something I want.”

 The warlord watched the Headsman closely.



The Headsman said glancing over his shoulder again.

 “But she’s not here.”

 Draco kicked him, the Headsman fell to his knees.

 “Where is she?”

 “I don’t know!” The Headsman said from his knees.

 The warlord grabbed him by the front of his tatty shirt.

 “Let me show you fellow citizens what happens to those who don’t cooperate with Draco.”

 “Please, don’t kill me.”

“Oh, in a few minutes, you’ll be begging me to do just that you lying sack of…”

 “He’s not lying.”

 A female voice said.

 Draco dropped the Headsman, and straightened.

 Xena stood in the doorway behind him.

 “Hello Draco.”


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