Xena Warrior Princess; Sins Of The Past

In the land of ancient Greece a woman warrior is lost to herself.
Unforgiven and shunned for past actions, old flames bring disaster to any hope she had of moving on but a new friend see's the goodness in the warrior woman that even Xena herself cannot see... but when even her family cannot forgive her what hope is there in forgiving herself?

A mix of bad-ass action, tender emotion, a story that will make you heart beat faster for more then one reason!


10. Chapter Nine

 Back in Amphipolis, Xena with her amour on and a pack in her hand went back into her mother’s tavern; it was empty of people now, all the candles blown out, except one on the counter. She looked around for her sword, finding it she picked it up and was turning to put it in the sheath at her waist when her mother came through a doorway to her left.

 The older woman stopped and looked at her before proceeding to the counter on the warrior’s right and putting the jug and cloth she had been carrying on it and started arranging some wooden cups.

 Xena slid her sword into its sheath; she stood for a moment looking at her mother’s back before starting towards the door.

  Then she paused.

 Without turning around she said; “If you won’t mount a defense, then you must leave here.”

 “You came all this way just to say that?” Cyrene paused in her work but did not look at her daughter.

 Xena turned half way towards her mother.

 “No, that wasn’t the only reason.”

 The Warrior looked down. #

 Her mother glanced at her then.

 “What other purpose could you have?”

 Xena looked up at Cyrene.

  “I wanted to come home.”

 Xena’s mother looked at her, remembered pain in her eyes.

 “I thought maybe this time I could get it right.”

 “I don’t think will ever take away the shame and sorrow you brought on you kinsmen.”

 “Probably not.” Xena said quietly, she looked down again.

  “But I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying

 She raised her eyes.

 “Oh Xena.”

 Her mother sighed, looking down at the counter.

 “I wish I could believe you.”

 She looked at her daughter.

  “Here she is.”

 A male voice said from the door.

 Xena turned.

 Half the village came in through the door then and crowded up behind the Headsman.

 “We know what you’re up to Xena.”

 He said.

 “And we won’t let you get away with it!”

 “What are you talking about?”

 Cyrene asked, defensively.

 “Her army is burning fields in the west valley.”

 “That’s a lie.”

 Xena said.

 She looked at her mother.

 “It’s Draco’s army.

 “Then way are they carrying “your” banners and shouting “your” name?”

 Her mother’s breath caught.

 “Do what you will with her.”

 She said her voice thick with emotion, and then she rushed from the room.

 Xena looked back at the angry villagers.

 “You should have stayed with your army Xena.”

 Someone in the crowd said.

 “This is the last village you’ll ever see.”

 Someone else said

 They had stones in their hands now.

 “Well what are you waiting for?

 Xena asked.

 “Take your revenge.”

 “Come on.” A woman urged from the back of the crowd.

 “It’s true, what they say… It’s sweet.”

 The warrior said, her blue eyes glistening.

  Still no one dared make a move.


 Xena asked putting her pack on the table beside her.

 “Is one woman to much for you? Let me even the odds.”

 She drew her sword.

 The crowd hastily moved back a few steps.

 She put her sword on the table next to her pack.

 “One unarmed woman might be more to your tastes.” Her tone was flat.

 A woman at the front of the crowed threw her stone.

 Xena flinched.

 Two more stones hit her in quick succession; Xena’s arm came up to protect herself.

 “Wait, wait!”

 Someone came pushing through the crowed.


 Gabrielle said again putting herself between the villagers and Xena, facing the Headsman.

 The young woman put her hands up in a stop motion.

 “N… Now you don’t know me I’m new in town.”

 Xena’s eyes flashed between the Gabrielle and the crowed trying to work out what  this young woman was up to.

 “But I can assure you Xena is a changed woman.”

 Gabrielle gestured to the warrior behind her who had let her arms drop from the defensive gesture.

 “I saw her do some heroic things in the name of good.”

 “Unless you suicidal you’ll get out of the way.”

 The Headsman said.

 “She’s brought Draco down on the valley.”

 Gabrielle turned to glance at Xena.


 Gabrielle looked back at the Headsman, her eyebrows disappearing into her light fringe.

 “Now, he’s a scary guy and I understand why you’re upset.”

 Gabrielle put her hands together.

 “But let me throw some logic it at you.”

 “Look your wasting you breath.”

 The Headsman said impatiently.

 “We’ll never put our faith in Xena again.”

 “I buried two sons because of her!”

 He pointed an accusing finger at the silent warrior.

 “Now get out of the way.”

 He turned away.

 “Now hold on.”

 Gabrielle said.

 She walked up to Headsman.

 “Let’s say that you’re right and she’s Draco’s buddy.”

 The young woman pointed at Xena.

 “Let’s say she’s even his girlfriend. Well what have you accomplished?”

 Gabrielle spread her hands, questioningly.

 “You think Draco’s bad news now.”

 Xena’s mouth tightened as she raised an eyebrow.

 “What’d you think he’ll be like when he hears you knocked off his woman?”

 The Headsman shifted uncomfortably.

 “Oh boy gives me the creeps even to think about it!”

  He looked at the villagers around him.

 Gabrielle glanced at Xena.

 “All right, but get Xena out of here “right” now!”

 He gestured impatiently.

 Gabrielle held her hands up.

 “No problem.”

 The young woman moved towards Xena, gingerly she picked up the warrior’s sword, and turned to give it back to her.

 Xena took it quickly, an unreadable expression on her face as she sheathed it.

 Gabrielle smiled reassuringly at the villagers.

 Sword sheathed Xena walked towards the door, the villagers parted quickly to let her and Gabrielle-who was right behind her-through.

 The villagers looked silently after them.

 Outside Xena was attaching her sword sheath to Argo’s saddle.

 Gabrielle came up behind her.


 “What?” The warrior barely glanced at her.

 “I could probably get up there behind you.”

  “What are you talking about?”

Xena gathered the reins to mount, throwing a blank look over her shoulder at the young woman.

 “Wait, your not going to just leave me here, are you?”

 Xena pulled herself into the saddle.

 “I came all this way to see you.”

 The dark haired woman looked down at Gabrielle.

 “That is you problem.”

 “Hey, I just saved you life!”

 Gabrielle waved a finger at her.

 Xena said nothing for a moment, indecision warring on her face. Then she shook her head slightly, as if to herself, reached down an arm and pulled Gabrielle up onto the horse behind her.

 The young woman huffed as she as she was pulled up, and settled herself on the horse, holding tightly around the warrior’s waist.

 Xena turned Argo and they set off at a brisk trot.

 “Where are we going?” Gabrielle asked.

 “To see my brother.”

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