Xena Warrior Princess; Sins Of The Past

In the land of ancient Greece a woman warrior is lost to herself.
Unforgiven and shunned for past actions, old flames bring disaster to any hope she had of moving on but a new friend see's the goodness in the warrior woman that even Xena herself cannot see... but when even her family cannot forgive her what hope is there in forgiving herself?

A mix of bad-ass action, tender emotion, a story that will make you heart beat faster for more then one reason!


6. Chapter Five

 Gabrielle reached the bridge Xena had crossed not long before.

 She held onto the handrail- her bag held in the other hand-, chanting, “The bridge will hold me up, the bridge will hold me up” as she crossed.

 The young woman reached the other side, kept walking for a few paces looking around her. She stopped near some rocks and reached into her bag. “Being an adventuress isn’t that hard.” She said smiling to herself.

 Then the blind Cyclops came out from the boulder behind her and put a huge wooden cage over her, trapping her.

 The Cyclops knelt in front of the cage.

 “Gotch ya!”

 “Mortal father of Zeus in heaven curse this brute if he eats me! Torture him with the slain serpents’ blood and the crows’ droppings!”

Gabrielle exclaimed

 “Shut up!” The Cyclops growled. “I hate chatty food!”

 “I know Xena, the Warrior Princess!” Gabrielle said trying a different tact.

 “I hate Xena the Warrior Princess, she blinded me!”

 He said.

 “It will give me great pleasure to rip one of her friends apart with my teeth”

  The Cyclops reached a huge hand through the bars of the cage.

 “Friends?” Gabrielle pressed herself back against the bars.

 “Who said anything about friends; I’ve been tracking her to kill her.”

 The Cyclops pulled his hand out.
  ”How’s a young thing like you gonna kill Xena?”

 “That’s the point, she’d never let a man get close enough to do her, at least not that kind of do her.”

Gabrielle said thinking quickly.

 “But a young innocent looking girl like me, I’ll catch her totally off guard, cut her evil throat, and hack off her Cyclops blinding hands!” She was gesturing theatrically with her hands even though he could not see her.

 “You’re really gonna mess her up huh?”

 “You know what I think I’ll do to her?” Gabrielle said getting into the flow of her story.

 “What?” The Cyclops asked getting excited.

 “Blind her gouge out them eyeballs and bring them back to you! Make a nice little appetizer don’t you think.”

 “You’d do that for me?” The Cyclops asked.

 Gabrielle put her hands on her hips. “I feel we’re bonded in our hate for this she demon!”

 The Cyclops deliberated for a moment, then stood up and lifted the cage off the young woman; he put it down near by.

 Gabrielle grabbed her bag, which she had dropped when the cage had trapped her.

 “Go on!” He said waving her away.

 “And if you’d bring me a leg to I’d appreciate it.”

 “A, leg, she’s got two, doesn’t she? You’ll get them both.”

 “And maybe a…” The Cyclops started.

 “Hey lets not get greedy.”

 “Oh sorry.”

 Gabrielle punched the air. “Xena’s blood or die!’

 The Cyclops laughed. Gabrielle moved quickly past him.

 “Thank the gods for dumb Cyclops.” She said quietly to herself before walking away.




 Some distance away Xena was riding through a wood, she came round a tree at a walk and ducked to avoid its low branches, she had taken off her breastplate as she didn’t expect anything to dangerous to happen.

 A few seconds later Hector rode around the same tree with two men riding in a line behind him, all the horses had face protectors and small plumes between their ears. He held up his hand for a halt and watched.
  Xena disappear around another tree.

 He pointed after her and signalled forward. They did not notice the Warrior Princess walking along a branch above them as the passed under the next tree. Hector and the man directly behind him rode passed a huge boulder.

 As the third man passed Xena moved from her tree to the boulder, leapt off it kicking the man off his horse- he hit the ground knocked out-and took his place astride the chestnut horse. No one noticed.

She pushed herself up so she was crouched on the horse’s saddle then lunched herself into a somersault that landed her behind the man on the horse in front of her. She instantly cracked him on either side of the neck with the sides of her hands, reached around him with one arm grabbed him across the chest and pulled, throwing him off.

 He landed with a quiet thud that Hector did not hear.

 Xena took the reins of his horse, a white-grey, and rode along behind Hector, who stopped his horse when he saw Argo standing quietly across the clearing in from him, without looking around completely he asked;  
 “What do you think?”

 “I think you got a sore throat.” Xena replied.

 Hector’s eyes widened when he heard her voice.

 Then she launched herself out of the saddle, grabbing Hector as she fell and pulling him off his horse. He landed on his back, Xena on one knee, using both hands, she hit two archeries in his neck with two fingers then using his armour-covered chest she pushed herself up.

 “I’ve just cut off the flow of blood to your brain.” She said turning so she was looking at him down at him sideways. “You’ll be dead in twenty second unless I release you.”

 Blood was trickling out of Hector’s nose.

 “Now why are you following me?”

 Hector lifted his head looking for his men.

 “Ten seconds”

 “Draco, he sent me.” He said struggling slightly to speak.

 “Draco.” Xena was not surprised.

 “He plans to destroy your home valley.”

 Xena looked at him then touched his neck again.

 Hector sighed, breathing easily again.

 “You’ll regain feeling in a few minutes.” Xena said before jogging off toward Argo.

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