Back for You, a Harry One-shot

This is a one-shot that I'm making for the 1D one shot contest, so please read and like!!!! that would be awesome thanks!! Plot, Harry has been on a mega world tour for the past year and a bit, what will happen on valentine's day??


1. Back for You

I was sitting there, all alone, yet again, on Valentine's day, thinking about my boyfriend, Harry.

My name is Alyssa Birmingham. I am twenty years old, with long wavy mocha-coloured hair, milk-chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin. I am about 5 foot 5". I've been dating harry styles for about four years now. He's always had tours and meet and greets to attend to, and I expect that. But evey year, he always sends me something for Valentine's day if he can't be with me. This year he hadn't. I was hoping that he would remeber, or that he would at least give me a phone call. He hadn't. It's about five in the evening now, and not a single word, text, message, anything from him or any of the boys. I can feel the tear streaming silently down my face. He's forgotten about me. He doesn't care. He found someone better. My phone vibrates. 1 new text. My heart soars, it's from HARRY!!!! He hasn't forgotten about me!!! It reads:

Hey love, sorry about not calling you today, I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Come meet me at the beach in half an hour. xx, Harry.

I sprint upstair and go to my room. I pick out a long, pale pink sundress, white sandals, black ray bans and white fedora to wear to the beach. I look in the mirror and see my make up streaming down my face. I quickyly wipe it all off, and go for a more natural look. Minimal eyeliner and mascara, Pink eyeshadow, a small amount of blush, and a layer of peachy lip gloss. I get dressed, grab my tote, and am joggin gout the door. I have five minutes till i have to meet Harry at the beach.

I arrive at the beach right on time. I scan the beach and I see Harry standing there, with his back to me, looking at the waves. I run to him from behind and taser him. He turns around and catches me before I could dance away. He picks me up and spins me around. "Babe!" His green eyes are sparkling in the sunlight. He pecks me on the lips. "Oh love, you have no idea how much I've missed you."

"I've missed you to Harry!!!! But aren't you supposed to be on tour?"

"Well, let's just say that the lads are the only one's who know I've disappeared, but we don't have any concerts!" he quickyl added the last part when he saw me furrow my brow disapprovingly. As much as I love to see him, I knew that I would feel horrible if I had concert tickets to see them and it got cancelled because one of them went to see a girlfriend. I use to be a fan too you know! We met at a signing......But that's another story! I look around and say, "Well Harry, have you got something planned or did I use all this make-up for nothing?"

Harry looks at me mock-sternly and says, "Love, I told you, you don't need make-up, to cover up."

We both laughed at the song reference. "But now that you mention it Alyssa, yes, I do have something planned. Now, get on my back and close your eyes, its a surprise where I'm taking you."

I jump on his back and close my eyes, he starts walking. After about five minutes, he puts me down and says, "Open your eyes love."

I open my eyes, and there is a BANQUET of a picnic layed out for the two of us. I look at Harry.

"You did all this for me?"

He nods.

"But... babe... I'm gonna get fat!!!!"

He laughs, "Don't worry Aly, you are perfect just the way you are."

My insides turned to mush. We sit down and we eat, talk, laugh and joke around. When the sun starts to go down, Harry pulls out a guitar. Funny I didn't notice it before. I look at him questioningly.

"You can play that?"

"Yeah, I got Niall to teach me how."

He starts playing the intro to a song. It sounds quite familiar. He begins to sing with that marvellous voice.

"Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there. 

I'm looking out at the crowd, you're everywhere.

I'm watching you from the stage yeah.

You're smile's on every face now

But everytime you wake up

You're hearing me say, Goodbye.

Baby, you dont have to worry,

I'll be coming back for you,

Back for you,

Back for you,


Lately , I've been going crazy,

So I'm coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you."

I giggle, and sing the next part with him, perfectly in tune with him.

"I've never been so into somebody before.

And everytime we both touch, I only want more.

So tell nothing's gonna change yeah.

And you won't walk away yeah

Cause even though every night you know what I'll say, Goodbye."

We finish the last chorus together. We pack up our things, and we start to walk down the beach. Harr takes my hands and faces me.



"That song that I sang for you, Back for You, was meant for you. I mean every word of that song, You are the peanut butter to my jelly, you are the pencil to my paper, you are the shoes and I am the laces, you are the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry. You are my perfect other half. These past few years have been amazing. But now, you are a princess, and I you have called me a prince so I suppose I am, but now, I want you to be MY princess." Harry got down on one knee and pulled out a MASSIVE Tiffany diamon ring. Tears of joy start spilling down my face. he then says, "Alyssa Birmingham, will you make me the happiest man alice, happier than Niall when there is a free buffet, for the rest of my life?" I stand there with tears puring down my face. I slowly nod, too overcome with emotiong to say anything. Harry slides the ring on my finger and pulls my into a kiss. When we break apart, he says, "You are now mine, forever." 

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