From a distance you might think winter was a normal girl. Well, I assure you, she's not. Because, you see, winter is the physical represention of winter itself. There are others like her, but we'll get to them later. (Cover by Nightmare101 from wattpad)


1. Introductions

I sighed, watching all the people around me. Most of them just walked along the street, as if nobody else existed. Even though they ignored each other, they still bothered to stop and look at me strangely, as if they knew I wasn't one of them. I didn't look normal. With my hair of white, eyes the color of ice, and skin as pale as snow, I was an alien amongst them, the person mothers made sure their children avoided.

I'm not human, of course. If you didn't look at me too closely, I would just look like an unnaturally pale teenage girl, but I assure you, there's nothing even remotely human about me. I am winter. Like the winter that makes you want to stay inside all day, drinking hot chocolate until you vomit. Let me explain. There are four of us: Me (Winter) , Summer, April (let's just say she wouldn't be very happy if you called her Spring), and Autumn. We are of course, the four seasons.

But, you see, if we get too close together, all hell breaks loose. And this year, that's exactly what happened...
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