Undercover (One Direction)

- I suck at these, the story is better. Just saying :) -

Rosalie Adams is nothing near a normal eighteen year old girl, she lives a dubble life as the world famous singer and song writer; Ashley Brooks. Her life may seem perfect, but it's not. Try to keep a secret so big that if it comes out it can change your life forever, now add One Direction on that. Not as simple as it seems?


1. Chapter 1

- Flashback 2 years ago -

"Come on Rosalie. Your voice is amazing and I know that you love singing so what are you waiting for?" My best friend, Audrey, practically screamed at me. 

I shook my head, "You know I have stage fright." 

"Come on, you really have an amazing voice. Don't let it spill." 

I sighed and started to spin around on her blue office chair. "I don't want to be famous either, or yes I do but I don't want to be stalked where ever I go. I want privacy and I know I won't get that if I get famous." 

The black haired girl stood up from her bed and walked over to her big closet, throwing random stuff at me. "Um, Audrey what are you doing?" I asked and lifted an black dress off from my head throwing it at the growing pile of random stuff. 

"Found it!" She exclaimed and jumped out from the wardrobe, holding something in her hand. A wig. A blonde wig to be exact. 

"Really Aud?" I raised one of my eyebrows. 

She smiled brightly, "It'll be fun! Plus I've always wanted to see how you look like a blonde." 

What do I really got to lose? 

"Lets do this."

- Present -

"Baby, you showed me what living is for I don't want to hide anymore..... more.... You lift my feet off the ground, spin me around. You make me crazier, crazier. Feels like I'm falling and I. I'm lost in your eyes. You make me crazier, Crazier, crazier, Crazier, crazier." I strummed the last chords on my guitar. 

The big crowd erupted in applause, whistling, and screaming. I flashed a smile, my guitar still steady in my right hand. 

"THANK YOU NEW YORK! YOU'VE BEEN TRULY AMAZING, I LOVE YOU ALL!" I waved one last time before the stage light slowly faded. 

The warm feeling I get in my stomach every time I perform is still the same. The smile that's plastered on my face while I basically sing my heart out is real. 

Even though I hate o admit this; Audrey was right, I love singing and this is what I want to do with my life.

"You did absolutely great Ashley!" My makeup artist, Nicole, complimented me as I walked into my dressing room. 

After Audrey had finished putting on that blonde wig on my head two years ago she even thought about a name! She said, and I quote 'You totally look like an Ashley like a blonde!' And boom that's how I got my new name, Ashley Brooks.

"Thank you! You really deserve a day off girl, so you're officially free to do what ever you want." I said and changed my nude pumps to my much comfier white Converse.

"Thank you. I'll get going then, call me later babe!" She gushed and kissed my cheek. I smiled and nodded. She walked out with her bag in her hand and closed the door after her. 

So to summon up these past two years I have gotten a contract at Sony music, moved to L.A temporally and met several of celebrities. The only people knowing me as Rosalie Adams is my manager Ted, whom actually happen to be my real uncle, my family and Aubrey of course but to everyone else I'm Ashley Brooks.

"Ash? You in there?" An way to familiar voice called through the dressing room door. I stood up from the comfy red sofa and opened the door.

"Uncle Teddy!" I exclaimed and wrapped my arms around his neck. I could feel the vibrations from his laughter. "I've missed you."

"I was gone for a week. Geez Rose, you're suffocating me." I playfully glared at my uncle and tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably. I walked over to my makeup table and sat down on a black high chair in front of the big mirror.

I glanced at my uncle's reflection through the mirror, "What's up with the smiley face?" 

"You have a meeting tomorrow." 


"You'll have to see. Come on now, you can take that wig of at home. Right now I'm hungry." I chuckled at the older boy. Yes boy, he's to soft to be called a man.

"Do I need to change?" I asked and looked down at my outfit; a tight strapless beige dress, decorated with sequins. 

"No, lets just go." I chuckled once again and pushed myself of the comfy black chair and followed my hungry manager through backstage.

This was my last concert in a while, right now I am going to focus more on a new album and just writing new songs. I am going to miss it of course but it's going to feel good with a small break.

"Where are we going?" I asked once we succeeded to snuck out the back way, not bumping into any fans.

"We are getting shit food and having a movie night!" Like I said; to soft for a man..

"Sure thing chicken wing." I said and jumped into the passenger seat in my black Range Rover.

"Too McDonald's!" I shouted and turned the radio on.

He rolled his eyes and plugged the key in. The engine roared alive and now we're off to McDonald's. A Tuesday night, right after a soldout concert. 

Can life get any better?



Um so I was actually watching Hannah Montana (#dontjudge) and thought: Hey let's do a fanfic so that's what I'm doing.. And let's just pretend that she wrote the songs that she sings, okey? Awesome

Link to her outfits will be at the end of every chapter.. 

Please comment what you think or anything I could do better :)

And incase you didn't got it Rosalie and Ashley are the same person.

- Rose :)

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