1. extract- Drama queen


What do YOU think of when you hear the word " Drama queen " well to me it makes me think of  popular, selfish, snobby rich teenagers that want everything to themselves and don't think of others, but SHE is different . To me she is the most beautiful, talented, and funniest girl . She is the girl that changes my life forever and this is her story of how she came to me.   St Jordan College the most popular and posh British high school for the girls in the country side, yeah i guess you are thinking that means only posh snobs go there and you are right, until a girl called Libby Jones arrived on the first day back from the summer to make a brand new start in her life.   Libby Jones was what you would call a " Drama queen " ( at first ). She was used to living in the countryside and loved to have sleepovers and make trouble, her nickname back in the States was "troublemaker". Libby hated school, she hated being told what to do, she hated the idea of school all together! Libby's life was a very difficult time, she had a troubling time since her mum died 6 years ago and her father found another women in his life and because of her temper towards "Fiona", her dad sent her away to middle school to learn some discipline and manners and as you have probably guessed she didn't stick to rules and soon enough there was trouble at St Jordan College...
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