Don't Stop Believin'

This is a story about the adventures of a high school girl with a dream to become a star


1. Prolouge

I always had the dream of becoming a famous singer. I imagined myself playing onstage with my guitar to a crowd of thousands just like they do at awards shows or even to a crowd of screaming fans. Hi, my name is Katherine Johnson. I am 16 years old. Brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, everybody says I have the looks of a model, but I just shrug and reply, I want to be a famous singer. Even the most popular girls at Laguna Beach High School invited me into their clique. I just politely reply no. Laguna Beach is in LA. I love going shopping and swimming  Lauguna Beach during the summer with my best friends and in the winter we still shop, but we also go to the spa together. Anyways, enough of me talking about myself and let's get this story about me, Katherine Johnson, and my dream to be a star started!  

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