Under The Fireworks

Hey everyone, this is for the Valentine Day One Shot competition. Please like/favorite, it would be mean so much to me, thank you ;)


1. Valentine Kiss

"Nice shot!" I smile at Zayn.


We were playing shoot-its-tail and Zayn was getting the prize of the cute Mr. Bean teddy. At last, Zayn shot the last tail of the duck which bounce off the trail and landed on his face. I laughed so hard.


"That was unexpected, you lovely couple get the teddy!" the lady said.


"Yaay!" yelped Zayn, hugging me tightly with excitement.


We pulled away to get our prize. The lady handed Zayn the teddy.


"What should we name it? I asked.


"I'll name you chocolate." Zayn said, squeezing tightly. How cute is that? He grab a sweet looking chocolate in his pocket, unwrap the whole thing and put it in my mouth. I cannot barely talk because of its deliciousness.


I saw him staring deeply at me, noticing I was having hard time chewing like it was stuck.


"Let me help you." Zayn said, with a wink.


He put funny faces while doing the chewing. I couldn't help but burst a laugh. It is really effective. I open my mouth again. I was on relief but couldn't stop laughing on what Zayn did a while ago. I gave him a kiss on his cheek. I quickly grab my phone, went on twitter and made a small tweet.


@zaynmalik Can't stop laughing :) xx


Zayn put chocolate under his arm. "Where now, babe?" he asked. I bit my lip, thought for a while.


"Let's go to roller coaster! I need heart attack." an evil smirk put on my face. Before I could reach his hand , he move backward then said


"I think, we should just go to the Ferris Wheel instead." he pleaded, with a puppy look.


"You scared aren't you?" teasing him.


"Of course not." I can tell his shaking with fear but bravely said it. I stare at him with a oh-really-look.


"Okay, I'm afraid of coasters. Happy?" I smiled and kiss him on the cheeks again.


"Now, shall we proceed then?" he laced his fingers through mine and led me to the Ferris Wheel. He handed the tickets to the man. He put the teddy on his lap, just right the cart started moving. I saw the view. The city was beautiful.


"You know you're more beautiful than the city." I looked at him and found his eyes on me. I blushed.


"I love you!" As I said those words, his lips touch on mine then fireworks running through the sky.

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