In Your Shoes and How It Changes Us

A class outing turns out to be a disaster. Meet Caspian and Lancelot, the two hate each other but when they are force to be study partners on a trip, the two must put aside their differences. Everything goes well until one of them says the wrong thing and they end up arguing. The next day, the two wake up to find out that they are in the wrong house and with the wrong family. Not only that, they are in a different body. His body. How will they get through this and will they ever get along?


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Sitting next to Caspian may have been the biggest mistake of my life. And it was about to get much more worst. Cynthia Knight had made her way to use and I could tell that her glare was directed at me.

"Move it, Davis, you're in my seat."

"Sorry, I didn't know that it had your name on it." The words left my mouth before I could stop them. She looked ready to punch me. Cynthia stepped forward to do just that. Just then Caspian grabbed her hand and gazed at her.

"Cyn, just leave it, okay? 'Sides, you've got to sit with Magena." Confusion spread over her face. "You know, my sister?" She didn't reply, instead she walked off. I found myself sighing in relief.

"Thanks, man." Caspian turned his gaze on me and glared.

"I wasn't doing it for you. I was merely watching my back." He visibly shuddered. "I don't want any confrontation with my sister." Oh. Well, no one liked to get on the wrong side of Magena. A happy Magena was more pleasant than a moody one.

"Her moods are pretty scary," I found myself agreeing with him. Caspian's glare deepened.

"I wasn't asking for your opinion," he spat making me turn towards the window. Yep, I just pissed him off and there was no way to cheer him up.


Once we got to the museum, Mr. Martin handed out a work sheet and sent us off in pairs with the strict instructions of us behaving ourselves. A group of teens in a museum? I doubted that very much. I shoved my hands into my pockets and gazed longingly over to Magena who attempting to drag Cynthia to a certain display. A hand suddenly waved over my vision.

"Wha...?" I looked over to Caspian whose mood hadn't gotten better yet.

"Dude, can't you check out my sister some other time?"

"I wasn't doing that!"

"I saw you," a roguish grin appeared on his face, "Unless you were perving on my girl. 'Cause if you were, I'd have to knock you out."

"No," I denied quickly, "I just wish Martin put me with Maggie. I bet you wish you were with Cynthia anyway." He guided us to the Aboriginal section of the museum. I frowned looking at each of the tribal things.

"I like tribal shite so sue me," Caspian explained as we stopped in front of the most ugly pole I had ever seen. He must have seen me because he was now laughing. "That's a totem pole, they carve it ward off evil and to protect the dead in the after life. I hear that they also," he leaned closer, "curse people." Was that so? "Anyway, I sooo know you were perving on my sister or my girl." A frown pressed upon his lips. "Unless, you know, you're one of them fags?" I don't remember what happened but there we were flinging punches and kicks at one another. Caspian and I knocked over some displays whilst we were at it causing a few of the museum's security to approach us. They pulled us apart and I glare at Caspian, wiping at my bloody lips.

"T...take that back, you bastard!"

"Never!" He yelled back. "This just proves it; you're one of them fucking sluts that bend over for a fuckin'."

"That's enough!" Mr. Martin's voice yelled and I looked over to see that Magena was with him along with the rest of our class. Cynthia ran forward and straight played the role of a perfect girlfriend.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" She soothed accessing his now swollen eye. Did I do that? I couldn't remember.

"Lance, what did he say this time?" Magena's voice entered my ears and looked over at her with a silly smile on my face.

"A fag among other things." She looked ready to explode. "Look, chill, I don't mind. I'm used to it."

"But, nobody knows about 'that'." Ugh! Why did she have to air quote that? I looked back at her brother who was being led out by Cynthia. "I hate her," Magena was saying. "Do you like him? Lance?"

"What?" I looked at him and I was fairly shocked by what she was assuming. "No way," I scoffed. "I have better taste than 'that', Maggie." She chewed her lip. It looked as though she didn't believe me. "Look he's arrogant and look who he chooses for a girlfriend." I still had nightmares about Cynthia positioning me for a blow-job last fall. I shuddered at such a memory.

"I hear she sleeps around," my friend said suddenly. I was shocked by this.

"Maggie, I thought you hate gossip?"

"When it comes to that Thing, I make an exception." She nodded grabbing onto my hand. "Let's go and get you cleaned up before the bus leaves without you."


As soon as I got home, the first person to greet me was my mother. And she didn't look happy. Renee Davis was against violence and discouraged it. So, I was expecting the greeting when I stepped into the house.

"The school called, Lancelot." She told me appearing in the corridor. "What made you get into a fight with Caspian Philonania?"

"He called me a fag, Mum." I simply told her trying to head for the stairs but she blocked my path.

"I am disappointed in you. There will be no Blue Banana or Pulp, or driving test this week. You now may go to your bedroom." She moved out of my way and went down the hall into the kitchen. I sighed moving my way up the stairs. Klaudia and I crossed paths. She looked at my bust lip and frowned deeply.

"And this is why I never get into fights," she said loudly shaking her head. "You see, Nico, what happens when asking for a fight?" I turned to see out little brother, Nicolas, standing there in the doorway of his room. He nodded at her and went back into his room. I looked at Klaudia.

"What has he been saying?"

"Not important, focus on staying away from that Caspian or I shall give him a matching shiner."

"I can't. Maggie." She chewed her lip and stalked away.

"Whatever you say. It's your life, Lance."



Coming up in Chapter Three: A surprise that leads to more fighting and a detention. Oh my!

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