In Your Shoes and How It Changes Us

A class outing turns out to be a disaster. Meet Caspian and Lancelot, the two hate each other but when they are force to be study partners on a trip, the two must put aside their differences. Everything goes well until one of them says the wrong thing and they end up arguing. The next day, the two wake up to find out that they are in the wrong house and with the wrong family. Not only that, they are in a different body. His body. How will they get through this and will they ever get along?


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


"Cassie," my sister elbowed me as she past me to grab her lunch. Magena knew which was which without even looking inside of the two brown paper packages. I swore that she had an acute sense of smell. My sister looked at me, her frustration apparent.

"Cassie," she began making wince; I loathed that nickname. "Grab your lunch or we'll be late for school."

"I would but my truck's in the shop." I answered smugly. She sighed running a hand through her flame coloured hair.

"That's why you're in my car today." She simply told me. "It's not your fault that Dad decided to crash it when he was high." The latter was currently rolling on the couch, high on whatever drugs he had taken this morning. How could Mum stand him? I often wondered why she bothered to let him destroy his life like he did.

"I'm not going. It's a stupid trip anyway." I could see the impatience grow in Magena's eyes as she stared at me. She then dumped my lunch onto my lap and pulled up out of my seat.

"Too bad, you're going."

"Will your friends be there?" She pulled me out of the kitchen and then towards the front door.

"I'm only picking up Lance as I always do." I tried to stop but she pulled me out of the front door. "I don't care if you hate him. You're going and that's final." Magena pushed me into the back seat of her car. I leant forward to the front passenger seat but my sister spun in her seat. "No," she told me, "Lance gets shotgun and I'm not ready for an outburst, Cassie." I leant back and groaned. Boy, she was mad. "Belt up." I obeyed pulling my seatbelt around me. Magena turned the key in the ignition and pulled out of the driveway.


When we pulled up outside of Lancelot's house, I tensed. I always did this when the blonde was around and I couldn't understand why. I realised that I was holding my breath when he stepped out of the house. I let it out quickly making my sister grin at me.


"You just moaned, you know that right?" I felt my cheeks redden, there was no point in denying it when Magena knew me well. Lancelot climbed into the car and leant forward to kiss her on the cheek. I imagined that lurch inside my stomach, right? He looked at me and smiled. I knew it was faked, though, as we loathed one another.

"Good morning, Cassandra." Oh dear God! Not that nickname again.

"Same to you, Landra." Ah! Set point and match, in your face Lancelot. My sister glared at us.

"Why must you do this everyday? I wish you'd get on." Magena then drove away from the blonde's house and turned the corner towards school.


Once we arrived at school, my sister made sure that we went to registration and then to our History class. Outside of the class was a list of names.

"What's that?"

"Our assignment and who we will be working with," Magena answered looking for her name. She paused and looked at us. "Have fun with this project boys," she smiled sheepishly. I moved to the list and suddenly felt sick. There it was in black and white...

"Its not a happy occasion for me too," Lancelot said having noticed the list. "It looks like Maggie has to do the assignment with Cynthia anyway." I chewed my lip. My girlfriend wouldn't like that and I usually let her glare at my sister. The latter was already there looking simply crossed at the prospect.

"Mr. Martin," she called over to our History professor. "There must be a mistake," she jabbed a manicured finger to the list. "I'm supposed to be with Cas!" Mr. Martin didn't look impressed with this outburst. He looked at her.

"There is no mistake, Miss Knight. You are doing this project with Miss Philonania." He then turned to me. "And Mr. Philonania, here, is working with Mr. Davis and that, Miss Knight is final." Cynthia still didn't look impressed by this but kept her mouth shut. "Now, I would like you all to got onto the bus and sit with your partner." A few groan passed through the group. "I don't care if you are not assigned with your friends. You were assigned to someone who has higher or lower grades than you to balance things." We all left the building to go the bus. The yellow vehicle was already waiting for us.

"Good luck," my sister told me and Lancelot before going onto the bus to find Cynthia. I looked nervously at him and smiled.

"Sooo," I said not knowing what to say.

"Let's get onto the bus," Lancelot nodded quickly and we both boarded the bus. I wondered how I was going to get through this.


Chelsea_Leigh15: Well, there you go, chapter one is up and already there is a bit of tension between the two. Let's hope they 'get it on' sooner or later ^-^ x

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