Love Triangle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Amy Fraser is a directioner.She moves to Doncaster, not expecting to meet up with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.When Louis falls for her, will it all work out?Will the drama from Elounor come back?
12+ Contains some sex scenes and swear words.


4. Too Soon?

After Shopping

Amy's POV

"Thanks for taking me Harry.I'll remember directions for next time." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.I went into my flat.It was really warm.I opened up the window, and outside I saw One Direction fans screaming there heads off.If I hadn't known Harry Styles and Niall Horan lived here, I would've picked the flats in Doncaster.Apparently there quieter.

Someone came to my door.I answered it, and there was Louis. "Hey.Can I come in?" He asked.He was looking gorgeous. "Yeah, come in." I invited him in.

Louis POV

Amy let me in.Her place was looking great.When she shut the door, I turned round and went up close to her. "Louis, what are you doing.?" She asked, obviously confused. "Amy, let me make love to you tonight.." I said, gently kissing her neck. "No Lou, you can't," She said.I was disappointed. "But I can." She siad, pushing me onto the sofa.She laid ontop of me, then stared kissing my neck.She worked her way down to my trousers, then slipped her hand in and touched my dick.She slipped back up and kissed me.This was the best sex I'd had in ages.Then she let go, and pulled me up, saying "Thats all your getting tonight." She pushed me out the door, locking it behind her.I leaned against her door, smiling.

Amy's POV

I pushed him out the door locking it behind him, and leaned against my door, smiling.I was great at teasing him, because the next day he came back. "Amy, I missed you."...

Harry's POV

Louis was at Amy's I was at Niall's who lives next to her and could hear them through the wall. "Amy, I missed you" Louis said.He continued, "I enjoyed last night." I was getting angry.He was messing about with the girl I like just because he and El broke up. "Me too." She said.I got really angry. "Amy, will you be my girlfriend?" Louis asked her.I felt a tear well up in my eye.I was so angry I clenched my fist. "Yes!" She said yes.I angrily screamed and violently punched the wall, leaving a mark. "Whats wrong with you Harry?!" Niall shouted, jumping up.I ran out of Niall's flat, at the same time as Amy and Louis. "Harry?What's wrong?" Amy shouted after me.I ignored her.It was too soon for them.Too soon.

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