Love Triangle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Amy Fraser is a directioner.She moves to Doncaster, not expecting to meet up with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.When Louis falls for her, will it all work out?Will the drama from Elounor come back?
12+ Contains some sex scenes and swear words.


3. The Break Up

Amy's POV

I went back to his door to ask him for directions.But I heard him and Niall talking, so I decided to be sneaky and listen in. "Niall, I'm bringing a girl to lunch tomorrow." Harry said. "Great who?" "Amy" "But you don't know her dude." Niall said. "I know, but I have this feeling about her.A feeling of-" I suddenly sneezed.Harry opened up the door. "Uh, sorry, I was about to knock but I sneezed.I need directions to the supermarket.Do you know?" I said trying to cover it up. "Yeah, I can take you.Wanna go now?" "Yeah sure." "NIALL!IM GOING OUT!" Harry shouted. "Haz, I'm right here.Hi Amy." Niall said. "Hi Niall." I said laughing."Letz go!" Harry said.

When we were in the car I asked Harry again. "What was seriously wrong with Louis?" Harry shuffled. "He found out Eleanor was cheating.Now she's preg with someone elses baby.And that dad came to pick her up today, cause Louis found out and kicked her out.They got into a fight." "Oh right." I said. "Want to go visit him?Theres a supermarket past his house." He said. "Alright."

When we got to Louis house, Eleanor was there.They were shouting at each other. "El, you got pregnant with that dick head's baby.If you think I'm gonna let you back and give you another chance, then think again." Louis shouted. "But Lou, I love you!I'm sorry about him and what happened but please!" Eleanor said.  "Go jump of a cliff!And bring that bastared and your soppy words too!" Louis shouted.Loudly.Me and Harry decided to jump in. "Woah, guys, calm down.El, I think you better go.Give him some time." Harry said pushing Eleanor away.She was crying.Louis stared hitting his head off his door. "I'll sort out El, you get Louis." Harry said walking off with El.I went over to Louis and put my hands on his shoulders. "Louis, calm down.It's going to be okay.And if things don;t work out, you'll find someone else.I know your a great guy.And I know plenty of girls who like you." I said trying to cheer him up.He turned round to me.My hands were still on his shoulders, his on my waist.We were really close.He leaned in, and his lips touched the side of my mouth.Then Harry came. "Hey you alright?" I jumped. "Uh yeah, Louis fine.Um, we better get going Harry."  "Okay.See you later Lou." Harry said getting into the car.

Harry's POV

Amy seemed a bit uncomfortable. "Whats wrong?You seem fidgity and weird." I asked. "Nothing.It's fine, honest." She said.I knew something was up.When we got to the supermarket she said thanks for the ride, but said she'd get a taxi or a bus back.She kissed me on the cheek, which turned me on.I was falling for her.Madly....

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