Love Triangle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Amy Fraser is a directioner.She moves to Doncaster, not expecting to meet up with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.When Louis falls for her, will it all work out?Will the drama from Elounor come back?
12+ Contains some sex scenes and swear words.


6. Harry's Secrets and Louis Love

Amy's POV

"Niall what's wrong with Harry?" Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me in.Louis followed in.  "Okay, the truth is Harry likes you and when Louis asked you out, he got angry okay?" I just looked at Niall.I couldn't believe Harry liked me.I didn't know what to do, because now Louis was my boyfriend. "I-I-I gotta go." I jumped up and ran back to my flat, locking the door behind me.Niall and Louis kept banging on the door, but I ignored them.After about 10 minutes, they left.Louis would probably be staying at Niall's, so if I came out he could talk to me.

The next morning

I woke up at 7:00am the next morning.I hoped the boys wouldn't be up this early, I was hoping to go out without them noticing me.I quickly eat some cereal, then had a quick shower and chucked on some skinny jeans and a hoodie.I brushed my hair, and just left it loose.I didn't bother with make-up.I texted my friend Sammi who lives around here and asked if I could come over to hers.She texted back yes, so I went.I slowly opened my door, trying not to make it creek and tiptoed past Niall's and Harry's.I had got to the stairs when Louis opened up Niall's door.  "Amy!" He shouted.I bolted it downstairs, and out the door.I got a bus to Sammi's.


The bus stopped just outside Sammi's neighbourhood.I got off and walked through it.It was a good 10 minute walk through Sammi's neighbourhood.She lived on the other side of it.Wow, the bus couldn't have stopped further?I then remembered there was a walk through the woods that'd get you there in less time.I decided to take that walk.

I was walking through the woods when I heard footsteps behind me.Hardly anyone came to the woods, so I was scared.I turned round and saw Louis.  "Louis?How'd you know I was here?"  He came towards me and grabbed me by the waist. "I followed you."  "Oh and you complain about your fans stalking you?" He laughed.We were really close to each other.His lips gently brushed against mine, and then he leaned in for a kiss.Suddenly someone else came towards us.  "Louis!" He shouted.Harry.  "Harry what are you doing here?" I asked.He came over to me and grabbed my wrist.  "I love you Amy." He tried to kiss me but Louis grabbed him.  "Come on, dude." He pulled Harry out of the woods. "See you later?"  "Kay." I watched as they left, then countinued my journey to Sammi's.

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