Love Triangle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Amy Fraser is a directioner.She moves to Doncaster, not expecting to meet up with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.When Louis falls for her, will it all work out?Will the drama from Elounor come back?
12+ Contains some sex scenes and swear words.


1. Getting Everyone

Harry's POV

"Hey Niall.I heard there's someone new moving in the building.Just down the hall from me." I said as Niall got in the car. "Oh cool.Who?" "I don't know, they said her name is Amy." I started the car and went off, because the fans were getting a bit crazy. "Shit!" Niall said as a overly crazy fan jumped in front of the car.I had to break suddenly. "I hate to say it, but some fans are really fucked up." I said starting the car again and managing to drive off. "Right lets get everyone else hopefully without crashing into anyone!"

We were going to the studio to discuss our new album.We still had no idea what to call it.We got to Louis house, and he was waiting outside with Eleanor again.I beeped the horn. "Come on love birds, Simon's at the studio we got to go!"  "Any chance of us stopping for Nandos?" Niall said.I actually heard his stomach rumble. "Jeez Niall!Maybe we should stop for food?" Louis said getting in.  "Well just past Liam's house there's a McDonalds.We could go there?" Eleanor said.  "Sounds good enough." Niall said.I started the car for the 3rd time and we made our way to Zayn and Perrie's.

"Hey guys!We have bad news..." Perrie said when we got to their house.  "What's up?" I said curiously.  "Liam can't come.Apparently Danielle was cheating on him, and he's really upset.But we can still stop by we got him some flowers, chocolate and a DVD to cheer him up." Zayn said getting in.Well, at least trying to get in. "Hazza, how do you lift up the seat to get in the back?"  "Niall show them." Niall went out and lifted up the seat in 2 seconds. "Okay...But I never go in the back!" Zayn said.Perrie was laughing.  "Oh Zayn, your so cute when your confused!" Perrie said giving him a right old snog. "Maybe I should be confused more often then." He laughed. "I thought you already were all the time Zayn!" Louis said.Everyone burst out laughing.Suddenly something landed on the car roof, making a big thump noise. "What was that?" Eleanor asked. "I don't know, I'll go check." Louis said.Then he screamed, "KEVIN!!!!!OH KEVIN YOU CAME BACK TO ME!"  Everyone jumped out. "Lou, it's just a pigeon it's probably HOLY CRAP IT IS KEVIN!" I said jumping out.It was Louis toy pigeon Kevin.We could tell.Louis reached up and got him. "Come on Kevin, your coming to the studio!By the way, we were going to go to McDonalds after we got Liam, but since he's not coming, we can't."  "Awww what!?" Niall moaned, more tummy rumbling. "Don't worry, Burger King is just up the road.We'll pick some up for Liam." Zayn said.He told me where to go and when we got there Niall ran in.

"I would like a..." Everyone orderd and we went to Liams.He looked terrible when we opened the door. "Guys, I can't come to the studio today.I can do it over Skype?" He said.He had massive bags under his eyes and his hoodie was stained. "Nice to see you to Liam.We brought you Burger King.Whats that on your hoodie?" I said.Liam looked down. "Thats either chocolate or gravy." "Speaking of chocolate look what we brought you Liam!" Perrie said handing him the things. "Sweet you got my flowers, chocolate and... ALL 3 TOY STORY DVD;S!I LOVE YOU GUYS!" He said giving Zerrie a hug, "No problem Li." Zayn said. "Heres your Burger King.Enjoy!Get on Skype we'll see you at the studio." Louis said playing with Kevin. "Wait Louis I have these but I'm not gonna use them now so you can have them" And Liam brought out a bag of carrots. "Aw Mate you shouldn't have!" Louis screamed hugging the carrots. "Okay come on lets go."I said pushing everyone to the car.

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