The Band Next Door

What if your favourite boyband enroll as students in your college? A-LOT!


3. Chapter - 3


Chapter 3~



I searched the crowd desperately for Nikki. As soon as I lost sight of the other girl, I knew this was a bad idea and stood up right away.

"Nikki!" I cried out desperately. Nikki always managed to find herself in one scrape or another, and I didn't like not being there to bail her out.

As soon as I caught sight of her, I knew exactly what was going to happen. She was going to fall flat on her ass in front of this whole crowd. Grabbing her waist right away, I kept her upright and whispered in her ear, "Careful now. Superwoman can't save you all the time."

Looking up, I smiled, "Sorry, she has a balance issue... Oh crap." I was face to face with the biggest boy band in music history.

"Crap is right," Nikki muttered, and we were all frozen in place for about five more seconds, oblivious to the screaming girls around us.

Out of the blue, a voice said, "I like your shirt." 

I looked down self consciously at the my coffee stain before looking up at the most stunning pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen. Recognizing the hoodie, my eyes widened slightly in surprise. So THIS was where coffee boy was rushing off to.

Giving him a wry smile, she grinned, "I like it better when guys in hoodies don't spill things all over it."

Instead of blushing and looking away, he gave her an impressed smile, and Tori found her cheeks the ones growing warm.

"Perhaps we should get your numbers," Harry piped up, his eyes never leaving Nikki. "You know... just in case she hurt something and you need us... for insurance purposes." He finished, a bit flustered. I quirked an eyebrow, not believing his lame excuse.

"You know. If you want to see me again, Harry, all you had to do was ask." I teased. To his credit, he turned a very brilliant shade of maroon, and something flashed across Liam's face, but it was done before we could catch it.

Nikki swatted my arm, "Don't be mean, T."

"TEA?" Louis popped up, being uncharacteristically silent. "WHERE? IS IT YORKSHIRE?"

Nikki and I both looked at each other amused. "That's her nickname, Louis...."

"What are your names, loves?" Niall asked. "We should bring you guys for an apology lunch."

"Apology lunch? For what falling at your feet?" I laughed lightheartedly, but arm however tensed against Nikki's waist. To be stuck in a room with five of the fittest guys in the world was a terrifying prospect so soon after we've come out of our shells. "You get that all the time." I gestured to the crowd around them who were jostling to hear our conversation.

"Yeah, but so rare is it that they are as witty as you two." Zayn replied smoothly.

Seeing the murderous looks on the fangirls faces around us, and not really wanting to make enemies on the first day of university, I tugged Nikki away. "Isn't that a shame. I'm sure if you ask, one of these girls would absolutely love the chance to prove how witty they are."

Just before we dove back into the crowd, Liam cried out, "We still don't know your names!"

Nikki and I gave each other matching smiles, before I responded. "Don't worry, Liam. If you truly want to know who we are, you'll figure it out. Excuse me, we have classes to sign up for."

And with that, we blended into the screaming group of fangirls as they pressed closer to the boys we were leaving behind.



 When we came near the sign up tables, I felt sick. I just couldn't go on anymore. I look down at my hands, they were still trembling violently.

"Shit," I almost whispered. Holding my head from one hand and stomach from the other, I wiggled out of Tori's grasp and sat down on the floor. Not a bit caring about the weird looks I was getting.

She gave me a confused look. Then, for a moment, she stood blank like she was remembering something. And then her eyes brightened up, and she gave out a squeal and almost jumped. 

I looked at her with the hey-do-you-mind-helping-I'm-dying-here look. "Ugghh.." I groaned as I felt my stomach revolting to the morning breakfast. Seeing this, she broke into fits of hysterical laughing. 

At this point I was considering the possibility that she might've mixed some kind of a poison in my water bottle and was enoying my slow and painful death. My head felt like it was just hit by a bullet.

"Are you okay?" asked a worried voice.

"NO!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, probably scaring that person away.

Tori was now done with her laughing but was still giggling once in a while as she searched for something in her purse. I thought It would be clever to say my last words, " Tell Tanner that even when I fight with him, I love him. Also tell aunt Sophie that I love her too. She was and is like my parents. Also tell her to stop dating that guy-"

I couldn't complete my sentence. My mouth stuffed by-by...

A chocolate? Without thinking I chewed on it and gulped it all in.

To my surprise, I was starting to feel better already. In a period of 30 seconds I was back to normal.

"Okay, what the fuck just happened?"  

Tori chuckled, then said, "Remember when you had an almost kiss with your crush back in 9th grade?" I blushed remembering that, but tears filled my eyes as I recalled what happened a day after that. I smiled it away, and Tori continued.

"Well, I remember you breaking down into the same symptoms when that all happened. Exactly same as now." I nodded in agreement, as same as the last time, chocolate miraculously helped me to calm down. Propping myself up, finally caring about the audiance I gathered, I felt my cheeks heat up. 

Getting in the line to sign up, I asked her causually like I wasnt going to die about 60 seconds ago. "Why are you telling me all of this?"

T rolled her eyes. "Because, I wanted you to know that Troy Skywood has the same impact on you as well, One Direction. Or should I say someone in particular? Someone like-" 

I quickly put my index finger over her mouth, not letting her complete her sentence, but putting it down just as quickly. 

"No." I said with a look in my eyes, meaning- end of discussion. I can't like anybody. All they do is hurt you. 

"Hello! I'm Zoey. May I help you now?" a sweet voice said from behind the sign up desk. I searched for its source and found a pair of dark, almost back eyes looking at me. They instantly changed my mood.

I smiled back at her and asked, "Help me now? I don't understand."

Before the girl- I mean Zoey could answer, Tori said. "Yeah, she had come to help you when you were on the floor and rolling like a choking walrus. You scared the living daylights out of her when she asked if you needed help." 

 I gave her a dry look, "I was dying okay?" 

 "Seemed like a choking walrus to me," she held her hands up in a gesture of innocence.

Rolling my eyes, I turned to the girl almost our age, "Dont mind us, we-" I had not noticed that she had gone missing until now.

"Where is she?" I asked, wondering why she left.

"Maybe you scared her again" Tori laughed. When suddenly I heard this noise It came from under the table.

I bent over the table to look under only to find Zoey on the floor silently laughing. I chuckled to myself. "Looks like we found ourselves another choking walrus." I said. 




We exchanged numbers with Zoey and clicked instantly. I found out that she actually lives quite near us and was a Junior. I hoped to see her around more often. 

We could sign up for a few classes. There was Drama, which was compulsory, music, both instrumental and vocal, literature, language, dance, Histrory, sociology, psychology, and any two clubs or hobbies. Out of all of those choices, we were permitted to choose 5 core classes. 

I had chosen drama, vocal music, dance, literature, and art and photography as my clubs. Tori chose both music classes, drama, and language. For her clubs, she chose sketching and a second language.




I looked down at my sheet, "First up- Literature." A boring start to the day. "What about you?" I looked at T.

"I have Language."

"Ohh.." I said sadly. "Meet you in second period drama then." I replied, putting a smile on my face now. 

"Yeah, meet you then," Tori smiled.

When I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see who it was. There were two girls.

Confused, I asked, "Yes?"

"We just managed to see all that happened back there, are you okay?" asked the British-Asian girl. I felt my cheeks redden up.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled and nodded. 

Hey, I am half asian too! More like quarter but who cares? Aunt Sophie is half Indian, and well, India is in Asia, right? Right. And Tori's all asian, and we're like sisters, so that has to count for something!

"Yeah, she just randomly gets fits now and then. It's normal for her. " Tori said. I elbowed her in the stomach, and got an ow in return. Both the girls laughed, and we both laughed too.

"Hi, I'm Tori." Tori held up a hand.

"Karmen." She returned the handshake, smiling a cute dimple her way.  

"Nikita, but you can call me Nikki, everybody does." I introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you" she replied.

"And you are...?" I asked looking at the girl beside her who hadn't spoken word since we met.

"Kaylie." she replied shyly.

I nodded with one of  my signature smiles. "You guys freshmen too?" 

"Yup" they replied unanimously.

"Oh cool, what's first on your lists?" asked Tori. 

"Language" replied Kaylie. 

"Literature" Karmen admitted.

"Oh, so you are in the same class as T!" I said, looking at Kaylie.

She brightened up and Tori gave high five to Kaylie. I looked at at them for a few seconds with a pokerface.

"What?!" blurted out Tori, "I made a friend okay? And friends high five each other!"

I rolled my eyes and  turned to Karmen. "And you are in the same class as me." I said smiling.  

That's when the bell for the first period rang. 

"We better get going," suggested Kaylie, and everyone agreed. After bidding each other goodbye, we started off towrds our classes. I talked and laughed with Karmen, finding out about each other's interests. But somehow at the back of my mind I was still thinking about the reason T had told me for feeling sick.

Was that true? After all that happened, was I really starting to feel again?



A/N: Hey! Nikita here! I think actually horrible at these author's notes, but I am the author and so I must make a note. That's how rules and titles work I suppose.

I suppose I'll leave you with a quote of my own, "Forehead kisses are the best, because they are the closest physical manifestation of someone loving your mind."

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