The Band Next Door

What if your favourite boyband enroll as students in your college? A-LOT!


2. Chapter - 2


Chapter 2~

~~Shrita's POV~~

I parked my second hand Mustang 1989 into my reserved parking lot. Yes RESERVED! I had been freaking out about having something close to VIP-ish ever since I first got to know. Guess it comes with the privileges of being the assistant manager for the music department.

Now I was the only student in the whole of CUL (California University of liberal arts) who was also a part of the faculty. Say what?! And I am only a junior. This job is given to one student who is elected annually. And that student is supposed to be a senior. But guess the school management could bend the rules for someone as awesome as me. Not being vain. Maybe a little. Or a lot!

Proceeding, I got out of my car and kissed it goodbye in my signature style. You know the one with two fingers. Yeah...that's my thing. After involuntarily being torn apart by my true love, a.k.a my babe, my Mustang (who the hell says only guys fall for their cars?) I moved to my campus I had come to fall in love with. I knew the new big news: One Direction. Yeah...I know, I know. That Brit-Irish boy band with the super hot folks.

They were going to attend our school. It was like really confidential and no one was supposed to know. I was aware that their gig was going on at the moment since I could hear 'She's not afraid' playing. My best friend, Katie, would probably ditch me for 1D.

Who could blame her? She had a real thing for Zayn and Louis. But what the hell! I told her that it wasn't possible to ever date any guy from 1D and when she started dating this hottie from Australia, Chris, 1D came. Or maybe here 1D comes....!!!

"What the hell is going on?" I heard some girl say. I studied her face for a while since I felt I had seen her somewhere. Oh man! She's that freshman with the awesome resume. So what I did was what any responsible head assistant would do. 

"Hey!" I shouted over the top of my lungs so that she could hear me over the blaring music. 

"Um...hi." She said, with an awkward smile, clearly not recognizing me. 

"You must be Nikita Chase?" 

"Yep. That'd be me." She said, with utter confusing marking her words. 

"Nikki?" Some other girl nudged Nikita, with a questioning gaze. Wait, I knew this chick too. 

"And you're...Tori." I said more like a question, not remembering her last name. 

"We're celebs Nik." She said with a goofy grin on her face. Huh! Cute, little freshmen don't have no idea what they've gotten themselves into. Don't mind me saying but CUL was not exactly your cliché 'sorority' but yep, defiantly close enough. 

"Real sorry folks. This is Shrita Parker here...the head assistant of the music department." Yeah...Shrita, get used to saying that. The words rock my tongue! 

"Ah! Guess that solves the mystery." Tori-something said. I smiled that her, because that's what a faculty member would (gets better every time I say or thing about it!) and started on my way. 

"Have fun, girls. You don't get a free one direction gig every day." And at that they both gave out a chuckle, looking shortly at each other, then back at me.  

"So one direction is here for real?" Nikita asked. 

I nodded my head and held my grin. I could see that she was very excited but forcing herself to be composed and cool. 

"Oh my god I can't-" then I tuned them out. 1D, famous or not, not my cup of tea. I waved them god by when I was abruptly stopped by none other than.............

"Congrats Shrits. I knew you'd make it!" Tanner said.  

"I owe you one man!' I said as we high-fived. I had to literally jump to give him a high-5 since he was a good 9 inches taller than me. Yes. I was short. So what? Best things come in small packages. And I dont mind being short. Not even when people call me nick names like 'shorty' for inntance.

But seriously, If it wasn't for him I would never had made it as the head assistant. That. Is a completely different story. I'll catch up on that later. Tanner Chase...gorgeous. None other than my friend. Yes, only a friend. 

"You're taking me for a coffee. Your treat."  

"You got it bro." I said doing my signature kiss as I walked away fast enough for him to not see me going tomato red.

~~Nikita's POV~~

Shrita. Hmm, seems like a nice person, with her Dark hair and brown eyes. I would love to be her friend. I have heard her name before.. Maybe. I am not sure. I had this gutt feeling that I know her from somewhere. 

But ignoring it, I looked at T. Her emotions were written all over her face. An overdose of joy. If it wasnt for all these people, I would've been jumping and dancing around all over the place. And, if possible, cartwheeling and double back-flipping. The same could be said for Tori, but right now, all the dancing around was done by our eyes.

"C'mon, let's get a beter view!" I said, giving her a hand gesture to follow me.

"Go where?" she asked, looking at me like I was the dumbest person alive. "Oh! YES!" She said with brightness in her eys now. "Lets just flap our wings, spread them, go up in the air, and fly over them!"

Sarcasm. I rolled my eyes playfully. "Who ever said anything about going over when we can go UNDER?" I hinted with a wink.

"Ahh...I like your thinking!" She winked back.

Next thing we knew, we were down on our knees and crawling. "Stay behind or near me" was the last thing I said to her before we sterted crawling towards the core of the fangirling directioners. I had noticed from the corner of my eye that I got a nod for a response.

As much as I found this Idea stupid, it was fun in a weird kind of way. Crawling up ahead I got pushed around a bit, and lost Tori. I started panicking. What if she got hurt in a stampede? I searched for her a bit here and there moving on my knees and when my hand got stepped on around six times in a row, i decided it would be best if I stood up and searched.

Then I stood up abruptly, shouting Tori's name. "Tor- woahh!!!~~"

Instead of getting straight up, I got pushed down again by a girl wearing a green sweater which made me fall on another girl who let out a shout as I stepped on her foot.

"Sorry!" I managed to say as she pushed me away from her. Now I thought It would be best to get out of this crowd. Suddenly, I lost my balance and let out a shriek. Maybe I tripped on a pencil...

I groaned as my head hit the floor with a bump.

"Owwwww..." I complained as I cringed, shutting my eyes tightly. There was a roar of girly laughter from the crowd.

"You okay?" said an almost familiar thick voice followed by a chuckle. I think I knew who it was. My eyes popped open to find two green ones staring back at me. Even when his face was upside-down, I knew just who it was.

My heart stopped. Heck, The whole world stopped. At that moment, it felt like it was only me and that other person. Harold Edward Styles. You can say I had a minor crush on him, okay, MAJOR.

Everything resumed suddenly, like someone who had hit the pause button now played it again.

I didn't know what to say, so I just lay there and stared up in disbelief. I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times. Is this a dream? When suddenly, a voice from my conscience warned me, Nikita Anne Chase, DO NOT RUIN THIS.

That's when I came back to my senses, and a bright crimson colour came to my slight tanned skin.

"Maybe she needs a glass of water or an Advil." said another familiar voice. Louis.

"No, I'm alright." I managed to say, rubbing my head and getting up in a sitting position, even though I was nowhere near alright. My head hurt like it just got banged my a hammer, and I just embarrassed myself in front of One Direction.

"Are you sure?" asked someone who placed their palm on my shoulder. I looked up to see who is was, it was the same person who bumped into Tori this morning, but without the hoodie. I knew just who it was. Liam!

Tori banged into no ordinary guy this morning. She banged into Liam PAYNE. I couldn't wait till I tell this to her. Her face would be PRICELESS. But at least she handled the situation better than I am currently. I wish she was here right now to help me too! T was good at handling situations.

"Yes." I nodded my head and shot a smile their way embarrassed, WAY TOO embarrassed. I dusted my jeans and got up, when suddenly a shooting pain rushed through my ankle up my leg. I lost balance, but regained it as quickly. I gave out a nervous laugh. Harry raised an eyebrow. I felt the heat at my cheeks again.

When suddenly someone slipped an arm around waist and put my arm over their shoulder in a supportive way. At first I got freaked out, but then I saw it was Tori, and gave an internal sigh of relief.

I looked at her with eyes full of gratitude. She was the savior of the day.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My eyes said said as I knew she would handle this situation someway or the other. She was like my superwoman. The one I could ALWAYS count on. I squeezed the hand I was already holding, telling her to now take the wheel and she squeezed it back.


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