Supernatural Academy (One Direction Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Thomas goes to a school for Supernatural beings. She is a vampire. She's friends with Harry the vampire, Liam the Angel, Louis the Werewolf, Zayn the fallen angel, Niall the elf, Eleanor the Fairy, Emma as Mermaid and Danielle the Shapeshifter. Simon Cowell is the principal of Supernatural academy.

When the academy is threatened by the humans. They have nothing to do but fight for their rights. When the humans try to burn the school. Everyone was out but one person. Jade. Jade was trying to get the fire under control and lands in a coma.

Can the boys, Danielle and Eleanor find what they need to save their best friend or will Jade die? Read more and find out


3. Chapter 3

We got to school the next day. I felt like something bad was going to happen today. Something really bad. 

"Jade you okay?" Louis asked.

I nodded, "Yeah I'm fine."

My stomach turned thinking about it.

"Once they are inside we burn it" I heard someone say.

The others heard it to. Once we got in. Then it happened. They through Fire bombs. Everyone ran out but me. There was so much fire but I could stop it.


Harry's POV

We ran outside. Jade.

"Where's Jade?" I asked

"She didn't run out" A teacher said.

"JADE" I yelled.

I wanted to run in. The boys pulled me back.

"Let me go" I said.

"No... She wouldn't have made it anyway" Louis said.

Tears fell.

"Jade" I said.

I fell to the group. The fire departmental came down. They tried. I saw something in the window.

"Jade's stopped it from the inside" I said.

Once the fire stopped. I ran in.

"Jade" I said.

I checked every room. I got to a room and saw Jade on the floor.

"Jade" I said.

I ran to her. Her breathing wasn't in time.

"Jade" I cried.

She didn't answer me. I picked her up and carried her out. The others ran up.

"Oh my god" Eleanor said.

"She's not breathing right" I said.

"Simon" Louis said.

Simon ran up.

"What did Jade do?" Simon asked.

"Controlled it from the inside" I said tears falling.




Simon took us to a hospital. I placed Jade onto a bed. A doctor walked up. He was a vampire.

"She's in a coma" The doctor said.

Jade got put into a room with machines. Needles got attached to her.

"I will be back" I said.

I ran off. I got to the school. I smashed every window. Every car. I ran in.

"Stupid idiots" I yelled.

A bell went off. I got to the principals office.

"You guys survived" The principal said.

I grabbed him and pinned him to a wall.

"You are so fucking dead for what you did to my girlfriend" I snapped.

"Did she die?" The principal said.

"No she's in a coma" I snapped.

My eyes changed and fangs came down. He looked scared.

"You don't mess with a vampire" I snapped.

I pressed my fangs into his neck. My poison spreading through him. I stopped. The principal dropped dead on the floor. I cleared them cameras so they knew I wasn't there. I heard people walking up. I hid under the table. The door opened and the girls screamed.

The girls called the police and ambulance. 10 minutes later they came down. I could hear them run in. They  ran to the computer. I moved my feet.

"Nothing on here" The policeman said.

My phone almost went off. I put it on silent.

"This school is getting closed until we work out who did this" The police said.

Once everyone left. I jumped out the window and ran off.

"He's escaping" A policeman said.

I kept running. I ran faster. I got to the hospital. I stopped and caught my breath.

"Where have..." "You didn't" Liam said cutting Louis off.

"I am sorry alright I was mad" I said.

Policeman ran in.

"Sir why were you at the school?" The policeman asked.

"Umm... I was just going for a walk and well I heard a man scream... I looked and saw something kill him... So I hid under the window and ran off because I heard him coming and then you guys chased me" I said.

"Mr Styles your girlfriend is getting worse by the second we don't know if she will survive" A nurse said.

"She is going to alright she has too... Please try harder" I said.

"We are doing the best we can" The nurse said.

I walked off.


Louis' POV

Harry walked off.

"Haz" I said.

He didn't answer me.

"Let him go" Niall said.

I sighed.


Harry's POV

I got back home. I got to Jade's room and cried.

"Why Jade?" I asked myself

I laid on her side and got her scent. It made me cry more. I was crying so hard. I didn't realise the others were home.

"Harry" Zayn said.

I looked up and saw everyone looking at me. They walked in. We all sat around and started to talk.

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