Supernatural Academy (One Direction Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Thomas goes to a school for Supernatural beings. She is a vampire. She's friends with Harry the vampire, Liam the Angel, Louis the Werewolf, Zayn the fallen angel, Niall the elf, Eleanor the Fairy, Emma as Mermaid and Danielle the Shapeshifter. Simon Cowell is the principal of Supernatural academy.

When the academy is threatened by the humans. They have nothing to do but fight for their rights. When the humans try to burn the school. Everyone was out but one person. Jade. Jade was trying to get the fire under control and lands in a coma.

Can the boys, Danielle and Eleanor find what they need to save their best friend or will Jade die? Read more and find out


2. Chapter 2

I woke up with Harry sleeping next to me. I smiled. Wait are we going out now or what? I don't know. Harry started to wake up.

"Morning beautiful" Harry said in his morning voice.

Man it was sexy.

"Morning" I said.

Harry kissed my forehead.

"Question" I said.

"Shoot" Harry said.

"Are we going out or what?" I asked.

"I was thinking more along the lines of boyfriend and girlfriend" Harry said.

I smiled. 

"Yes" I said.

Harry smiled, "Well I am glad we can finally do something together."

I nodded in agreement. Harry walked into his room. I closed my bedroom door and got changed for school.

"Ow" I said shaking my wrist.

I walked out. Harry was walking up.

"You alright?" Harry asked.

"My wrist still hurts" I said.

Harry undid the bandage as we sat on the chair in the kitchen. Harry touched it. I closed my eyes quickly.

"Sorry babe" Harry said.

"It's not your fault" I said.

"I think that girl that pushed you really sprained it... How did you land?" Harry said.

"With my hands" I said.

"Well you sprained it pretty bad... Well the girl that pushed you" Harry said.

"You should become a doctor" I said.

"No because we don't age remember" Harry said.

"I know but you'll be a good one" I said.

Harry re-did the bandage.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" Harry said.




We got to school. The bell went. Just in time. We got to care. Yes we are in the same care class. Care is just checking if you are here and talking to people or doing boring paper work. Harry pulled me onto his lap.

"Are you two..." "Maybe" Harry said cutting Louis off.

"See I told you" Danielle said.

Simon walked in. He walked over to us.

"What happened at the pizza place last night?" Simon asked whispering.

"Some girls were threatening us and well when we about to leave she pushed me" I said.

Simon nodded and walked out.

"You little lair" Eleanor whispered.

"Do you want me to tell him the truth" I whispered.

"No it was a good lie... Saved by butt" Harry said.

"I'll save your butt any day" I said laughing.

Caroline Flack was our care teacher. She doesn't like me. But she like likes Harry. I banged my bad wrist on the table.

"Ow" I said.

"You okay?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah just knocked it" I said.




We got to English. Yes my favourite lesson. It's true. I like it. We got to our seats and sat down. The teacher handed us each a sheet.

"Alright class today you will be writing a story on anything you want... Can be as many pages as you want" The teacher said.

We nodded and started to write. Harry kept looking at my work. I rolled my eyes and kept doing it. I was on the 3rd page it took my about 30 minutes. Class goes for an hour. Once I finished. I stood up and gave it to the teacher. I walked back to my chair and sat down.

"4 pages" The teacher said.

I nodded. Harry stroked my sore wrist. I smiled.




At lunch I sat with the group. Harry kept feeding me. I laughed. A human school walked in. The girls from last night walked up to us. 

"Well look at that there's a baby in the group" A girl laughed. 

Everyone single one of us stood up. We all protect each other. Simon ran out.

"If you guys don't leave this area we will burn this school down with all of you inside" Their principal said.

"Do not challenge any of us" Simon said.

"We just did" The principal said.

I got mad.

"Look at that" The girls said.

Simon looked at me.

"Jade" Simon said.

I was still mad.

"Do not threaten us" I snapped.

"Ooh little weak girl is protecting the school" A boy said.

I went to attack. Harry held me back. The others joined us. 




When we got home. I laid on the couch. 

"What if they do burn the school down?" I asked.

"They won't" Liam said.

"Maybe your right" I said.




We were laying in bed. Harry was sleeping with me again. I giggled.

"I love you" Harry said.

"Love you too" I said.

Harry kissed my forehead. I smiled and fell asleep in his chest. Harry fell asleep after me.

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