Supernatural Academy (One Direction Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Thomas goes to a school for Supernatural beings. She is a vampire. She's friends with Harry the vampire, Liam the Angel, Louis the Werewolf, Zayn the fallen angel, Niall the elf, Eleanor the Fairy, Emma as Mermaid and Danielle the Shapeshifter. Simon Cowell is the principal of Supernatural academy.

When the academy is threatened by the humans. They have nothing to do but fight for their rights. When the humans try to burn the school. Everyone was out but one person. Jade. Jade was trying to get the fire under control and lands in a coma.

Can the boys, Danielle and Eleanor find what they need to save their best friend or will Jade die? Read more and find out


1. Chapter 1

I walked into the school. And saw my best friends waiting. I walked up and hugged them. We sat down and started to talk. The bell rang for class. History. Yay. Not. We walked off together. When we got to class we sat down. It is always Harry and me, Eleanor and Louis, Liam and Danielle, Niall and Zayn. The others sat around us.

The teacher walked in, "Good morning class today we are studying world war II."

We got our text books out. The teacher came around with a book. The Holicost.

"This book is very detailed it was written by one of the survivors of World War II and what he went through" The teacher said as he sat down.

We nodded and started to read. I couldn't believe it.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

I nodded.

"My granddad never came home" I whispered.

"Huh" Harry said.

"World war II... My granddad never came home that's what my parents told me" I said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"He got killed in the gas chambers" I said.

"Oh" Harry said.

I nodded. I closed the book.

"Mrs Thomas I didn't say stop" The teacher said.

"Well I am sorry... But my granddad got killed in the gas chambers alright so I'm a bit touchy" I said.

The teacher nodded. 




At lunch. I was on my own. Doing something. Harry came up.

"Jade why are you by yourself?" Harry asked sitting down.

"I am checking something" I said.

Harry nodded. He sat down.

"You know its better to work in a team" Harry said.

"Yeah Harry but you know I like working on my own" I said.

"Yeah I know" Harry said.

"Look I am done" I said putting everything away.




After school our group went to the pizza place. We always go there. We ordered 3 large pizza's and man they were big. We started to eat.Niall was eating so fast it wasn't funny. Another school came in. Let's just say we weren't on good terms with that school.

"Well look it's the stupid academy" A girl said.

Harry stood up. 

"Easy" I said putting my hand in front.

Harry gets more angry than the rest of us. Harry sat back down. Once we finished we left. One of the girls pushed me. I fell to the ground. Liam helped me up.

"Alright that is it" Harry shouted.

He turned to face the girls.

"Are you okay?" Liam asked.

"Yeah just twisted my wrist" I said.

Harry wanted to hit the girls. Niall and Louis held him back.

"They aren't worth it... We have bigger things to deal with" Niall said.

"If you ever talk about our school badly or touch Jade again I will kill you" Harry snapped.

The boys pushed him out. I shook my wrist. Harry hugged me. 

"I'm sorry" Harry said.

"It's fine" I said.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah the pain will go away" I said.

Harry nodded.




We got home. Yes we live together. Liam walked me into the bathroom. Where he put a bandage around my wrist.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" Liam said.

We are all like family. So we care for each other. We walked out. Eleanor made dinner with Louis. I sat on the couch and turned the TV on. I watched Ellen. The boys joined in and sat next to me. Well apart from Louis and Eleanor. Danielle was sitting next to me.

We couldn't stop laughing. I loved Ellen she made my day if it was a shit one. Like today. Harry looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"He's crushing on you" Danielle said

"No one will ever love me" I said.

"Jade that is not true" Danielle said.

"Yes it is" I said.

Danielle sighed.




We were in bed. Harry knocked on my door.

"Jade" Harry said.

"Yeah" I said.

"Danielle told me what you said" Harry said.

"It's true" I said tears falling.

Harry sighed and laid next to me. 

"Jade look around you... Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle and me love you alright so don't say no one does" Harry said.

I looked at Harry.

"I mean boyfriend love... I know you guys love me" I said.

"If someone doesn't love you for you then that's there fault... Because you are beautiful, funny, sweet, friendly, you love helping people and you are the best friend we could ask for and if a guy says he doesn't like you or your personality it's there loss" Harry said.

"I want someone like you" I said.

"I want someone like you" Harry said.

I smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back.



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