The World

This poem is an insight of points and veiws on the power of a single person and how their decisions effect the soceity, persons and the world. enjoy :)


2. The End

Even though the story of the world is at an end,

The story of the man is left untold.

His only love was sprung from the darkness of his shadow

And the greediness of his very own lifeless heart.

His longing for wealth stole the only part left in his loveless chest.

His father once told him the power that he gave his son,

Will either burn a hole or enlighten his soul.

But as every adolescence they do not listen,

And now this had left him with nothing but a letter from his one and only love that reads.

“I love you and goodbye until the day I die,

 And they day I do I would want to send the rest of eternity with you.

Waking up without your warmth will be hard to do.

But I am gone now because you broke your promise

And I knew your love for me was never true

So I leave you now and hope to see you soon”

He then sheds a tear and sharpens his knives he pulls from his back.

Stands on the ledge

Let’s out one last scream

And the story of that man was never seen.

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