The World

This poem is an insight of points and veiws on the power of a single person and how their decisions effect the soceity, persons and the world. enjoy :)


1. The World

The story begins with a world full of life,

Green lush grass and plenty of sun light.

There lay basking in the sun,

A very lucky man with the world on his thumb.

Then came true love what else could he want?

But it didn't seem enough.

He wished not to be greedy,

But now it’s too late for that.

He had life, love and lust,

But lost it in a gush.

Because he took love for granted,

But instead praised punished.

"I should have died" he says,

He made the world what it is today,

A living nightmare, run by the rich, slaved by the poor

But without him where would we be?

No one knows if the story of this man is true,

But everyone knows the concept is true.

But why?

Why did he take love and throw away?

The story ends in a world full of Death.

With a blood stained earth and burning sun light,

Lay basking in the sun,

A very lucky man with revenge on his tongue.

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