I'll get over you. Faster than you think.

What do you do when you loved someone so much, walks out of your life and leave you all alone.
You get over them, and that's what you decided to do. Because he would not get a single tear out of you.


1. Me, cry over you? Don't think so much of yourself.

You couldn't believe him , there he was on tv smirking and laughing. You tightend your grip, as you walked out of your house. This was it, you were done with him now it was your turn to smile. "Fine two can play that game, babe." You spat out stretching out the nickname, getting into your car you drove off. Going to a near by salon and changing your whole look. As you finished your hair you went to the next spot- a clothes store. Buying another new look you smirked at yourself, you were a new you. Your phone rang, "Hello?" You asked in a cheerfull tone. It was a good friend of yours, one of HIS best friends his band mates. "Hey Louis, what's up?" You asked with a smile. He spoke, "Hello love, I was- well the guys and I were wondering if you could hit the club with us. In celebratiin as to getting to play at MSG." You were silent, "Don't worry, he's going to be around his girlfriend. Just please, for us." He begged, you bit down on your lower lip. "Alright, but I don't want him near me Lou. I'm trustiny you guys." Hanging up you shopped around for a sexy looking dress for tonight. Picking somthing you would have never wore when you were with Zayn. It hugged your body perfectly, and showed a bit of your skin. But you were happy that you felt comfortable with your body now. Paying for everything and making your way home you sighed happily. Getting ready and curling your hair you smirked. Something you had picked up from Zayn, you heard a honk and the boys entering your home with his old key. "Hey! Were here!" Harry yelled happily. You walked through the hall way. Only to see the boys jaws drop, and stare at you in pure awe. "Wow." They whispered. You winked, "Like the new me?" You asked. Louis grinned, "We think you look beautiful as always. Now lets get going!" Making your way to the club you began chatting with the rest of One Direction minus Zayn. Arriving at the club you made your way into Grind. The club name suiting the dancing. Sitting down and ordering drinks you seen Zayn walking towards you. "Do you came? Nice." You laughed, "I wont cry over you Zayn. I have a life to live, weather your in it or not."
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