A stolen childhood

A story about a a stolen childhood full of hurt, violence and sadness.


2. 2. Abuse starts

Mummy was constantly crying, she tried to hide it from me, but I could still hear.

Mum, my brother and I finally moved on with our lives without a husband and Daddy. Our lives all seemed pretty perfect, nothing to worry about, this was the case until I started to get abused.

I was p6, and he was only 3rd year and also my nextdoor neighbour, i didnt realise anything was wrong, he just wanted to play doctors and nurses. The next summer I knew something wasnt quite right, I didn't like him touching me, and he kept asking if he could put himself in me.. I started to get scared. What if someday he tried something and i couldnt stop him?

My worst fears happened a few weeks later, Mum and my brother were outside, enjoying the sun and me and him were in my room playing games then suddenly he corners me and pushes me against my bed. He takes his trousers down and yanks my shorts down too. I'm pushing his chest away from my body, trying to get him off me. It goes into me for a second and I start screaming, he is so worried he'll be found out he lets go of me, i pull up my trousers and run downstairs and outside, all while he's shouting at me to come back.

He finds me later that day and says simply, 'I'm sorry, friends again?'. I was petrified of him, I was still in so much pain, but I say 'yes', I don't want him bothering me anymore..

I thought it was okay, he got the message, however he definetly did not. I was sitting on the wall outside my house watching my brother play with his remote control car along the road. He comes up to me and says, 'Your zipper is undone'. I simply tell him it's broken. He then asked 'Can I put my ... in there?' I said 'no' and walked away.



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