One Chance

Sophie and Jordan are best friends and sisters there parents died in a car crash two years ago.Now they have to find there way back to the real world as they find there way they meet five boys that will change there life forever.


2. Moving in!


That took so long soph! Said Jordan. Yeah i know! Said Sophie back.
Who do we meet? Asked Sophie. Ummmmm well I called our next door neighbors and they said they would pick us up near the luggage drop.said Jordan They? Asked Sophie. Yeah five boys that's are like best friends or something. Oh cool are they cute? Asked Sophie. I don't know! Shouted Jordan.

Hi! What? Said Jordan. Oh,hi are you Jordan and Sophie? They asked.Uhh yeah why? Where your neighbors! Ohhhh!said Jordan. Im harry! Nice to meet you! Yeah you to!

Jordan's P.O.V (point of view)
Wow look at harry he's hot! Omg look at the muscles! AHHHHHHHHH so sexy!!!

So do you want to go? Asked harry. Yeah ok. Said Jordan

Back at Harry's house so girls meet my best friends niall, Liam,Zayn and Louis
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